Saturday, February 28, 2009

exploring and thrifting

We ventured out early yesterday and went to two estate sales. Neither of them proved to be very interesting or profitable for me. I was disappointed, but I suppose I can only keep trying! One day I'll find a good sale that actually has vintage clothes.

Oh, but I did get this purse!

The day went on to get pretty exciting, however. We went exploring in an area of town we hadn't been to before. Someone at Trader Joe's had recommended we go there to find the things (like certain spices, tahini paste, and also some cheeses) that we can't find at regular grocery stores here. Regional differences in grocery stores are odd! Being in Texas, we were so accustomed to super cheap peppers and other things from Mexico; here, they're less common.

Mexican sweet bread! And... that stuff! That stuff made from peanuts! I love it!

I'm really glad we went! Not only did we get to visit the most amazing Mexican supermarket (and get snacks), along with some Indian stores, but I found my new favorite place... Music City Thrift. I was rushing to look at everything (because Robert was super bored), but I still came away with 3 great things!

Outfit details:
dress - Gloria Swanson Forever Young // vintage from etsy
slip - vintage // flea market?
socks - Sock Dreams
boots - Justin // Music City Thrift

I'm not really into that type of boots, but I grabbed them because they were cheap and I've seen some other bloggers drooooling over them. :) They'll be in my Etsy shop fairly soon (along with the other shoes and purse shown here). They do fit me perfectly, though.

And these!

I bought a dress as well, but I washed it and it's hanging up to dry. Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with what I got, and now I know where to go thrift shopping... This place is right near a Goodwill, too! I'm excited about it.


  1. Your outfit is so fun--I love your dress!

  2. I'm one of those bloggers drooling over those boots! Great finds!

  3. Your purse is incredible! And that mexican cookie -- o how I would die to have one in my hand right now. I've just stumbled onto your blog! You've been linked xoxo

  4. love your combination of prints! so whimsy

  5. Those are some awesome finds! I do love those brown boots, but they would probably make me look 3 ft. tall.


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