Thursday, February 19, 2009

husband appreciation

I was bragging earlier about how new people are finding my blog*, and my husband said sadly, "No one ever looks at my blog. It's boring." That's not true! But... he's writing about writing-- and there are no pictures. I think people like to see pictures. So I decided I will do a promotional blog entry for him.

He's my best friend and we do a lot of silly things together!

You should visit his blog. Just take a peek for me! He is a very clever man. He is tall like a giraffe (sometimes I have to run to keep up with his walking) and he is so strong that he breaks things all the time. I like him a lot.

I think he makes that face every time we kiss. "Kisses are gross," he tells me.

We're a pretty good team! He cooks and I do the dishes. He writes and I do the visual stuff (we were even talking about collaborating for a children's book way before we were dating!). He loses things and I remember where I last saw them. I am pretty crazy and he's pretty rational (though sometimes it's reversed)!

Anyway, I just thought I would talk about how much I like him.

* Speaking of how people have been finding my blog, I find it very amusing that most of the searches that lead to it are directly related to baby sloths. Below is a list of the most popular search phrases:

- baby sloths for sale
- how big is a baby sloth
- sloth decorations
- sloth fabric pattern
- sloth valentines day card

I wish I could tell you where to buy a baby sloth or how big they are, but I am clueless! And oh how I wish I had some sloth decorations or fabrics... Maybe I can make some.


  1. LOL

    GREAT pictures! I wish my husband would let me post pictures of him. He's so good lookin'. But, sadly, he's very shy. He's tall, too, Rebecca. And I have to run to keep up with his walking, also. There's a goofy picture of him on his profile (he's one of my blog followers) acting like a gorilla up on the roof. He freaked when he saw I posted it, but he can't figure out how to take it off there. ha ha. I'm going to ask him if I can post just one little picture of him on my blog.

    You guys are a beautiful couple, and I'm glad I met you both!

    Baby sloths are one of the few pets we don't have, but they sure are cute.

    Okay, I'll go check out your hubby's blog and comment on there :)


  2. This is very sweet. People do like pictures. We have to connect to our niche too.


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