Tuesday, February 17, 2009

donut love

Today was fairly productive! All of our furniture arrived, we unpacked it in about 2 hours, and we've been organizing since then. Things are looking pretty good! I will get around to posting some pictures when it starts looking lovely.

My father-in-law and his brother came by today to help us with some of the bigger furniture. I think we could have done it alone, except I am somewhat wimpy and I like other people to do things like that for me! It was very nice of them, and afterward
we bought them some treats at Fox's Donut Den. This donut place is amazing... it's right down the street from us and I am in love.

Look at this napkin!!

After we got home, I checked the mail and there was a surprise! It was a little card from my sister (a late Valentine, I suppose!).

I want to send out mail! I owe people letters and surprises! I think tomorrow will almost be a normal day; my husband is planning to get started with his writing routine (we're taking time off work to do creative things: he's writing and I'm going to be maybe-sewing and maybe-vintage-reselling). I really want to get into a regular schedule with our endeavors and be very productive!


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Glad the transition is going smoothly. Must be very exciting! The donuts sound wonderful.



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