Wednesday, February 18, 2009

dress up time!

Since I went without the majority of my wardrobe for nearly a week, it was a luxury to be able to pick out whatever I wanted to wear today! That sounds silly, but you know it's true- you can only wash and re wear the same 4 t-shirts so many times. Here's what I wore (+ coat) when we first encountered the outdoors around 5 p.m. I was going to give outfit details, but I just realized the whole ensemble is from Target... aside from the white underskirt, which you can't really see much of anyway. Ha ha.

I was really feeling pastels.

And below is an outfit I was just trying out-- every once in a while you have to see what works together, for future reference. This is something I was seeing about for a possible job interview next week (let's pretend!).

No, it's not a vest. And the necklace is too busy.

I was trying to find a good way to use this navy dress from my great-aunt. The bottom needs to be hemmed (or discreetly pinned), and it's missing a button in the front. But I still love it and I'm going to wear it. The other dress I have from her needs some major renovations - we'll see about that one later!

Outfit details:
navy dress: "Misses Dresses by Nelson-Caine New York"
over dress: Young Essence // Buffalo Exchange
shoes: American Eagle // Payless

I think I may be growing my hair out due to laziness/lack of wanting to pay for a haircut. That could be exciting!


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  2. I like the folk-inspired look of your potential interview shirt.

  3. Looks wonderful, Rebecca. You have such a way with clothes. You really should consider being a designer.

    ps - I told my husband yesterday how I've been craving donuts because of your blog post about them. Last night, he brought some home! Ask and ye shall, and all that. : )


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