Friday, February 13, 2009

new home!

Well, we're here. This has been such a LONG week! But honestly it has been much better and less stressful than I had imagined. So far everything is great and I hope it stays that way! We're in our new place and it's pretty good. Super good considering the fact that we didn't see it until we moved in. (Huge risk, I know- but when we went apartment scouting here last September, they didn't have anything available for us to tour... we made our decision based on apartment ratings we found online [and price, of course] and the area.)

Mailbox, right outside our door! At our last apartment we had to walk forever to get the mail.

It's an older apartment complex, which is good and bad. Advantages: adorable cabinets and window frames, we can paint or change anything we want [the walls are POWDER BLUE - I am amazed... but I will be looking for new light fixtures because the ones here are tacky and gold], and (of course), much more character than a newer apartment. Disadvantages: no pantry or microwave (which really shouldn't be a problem), very small kitchen and bathrooms, questionable plumbing. But it's clean and we have seen no bugs at all, which is more than I can say for some of the apartments I've lived in before.

Check out the vent in the bathroom! And can you tell the wall is blue?

This blue paint is really blowing my mind. At times (depending on the lighting), it has appeared to be white, blue, green, and grey - sometimes all I have to do is close my eyes and check again. Maybe I'm just being sleepy.

Anyway! We're here with whatever fit in my car, and the furniture won't be delivered until Monday (or maybe Tuesday...). It's exciting! We went out exploring earlier. Just down the road, about a 5 minute walk from our place, is a Trader Joe's! It has become my favorite grocery store in the world with just one visit. Now I know why people obsess over it.

Dinner on a box: artichoke ravioli and sparkling blueberry juice!

We're having a pretty neat time! I don't have anything set up so there's not much to show off yet, but I'm sure there will be more to come. I can't wait until we're settled in!


  1. I'm glad you are lovin' your new place (and city) so far. I wish you guys the best! I'll be writing you this week so I'm glad to know you don't have to walk so far to your mailbox. ;)

  2. What a cute place!

    *hint: if you find bugs, sprinkle boric acid powder in a line across the back of all the lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets (inside the cabinets). It kills them eventually, but also makes them sterile so the eggs don't hatch. If you have kids, though, keep them away from the powder.


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