Sunday, February 8, 2009

packing and goodbyes

We're staying busy! I can't believe we'll be living in another state by the end of this week... It's been interesting trying to organize and pack everything up. I've found a few boxes full of stuff that is purely mine, which translates to "pretty junk and antiques that I never unpacked and decorated with once I got married." I definitely plan to use this stuff at the new place, though! Here are some peeks.

I like old clocks, especially if they still work.

I like old telephones, too...

And creepy things?

In between packing up and cleaning, we've been filling our time with hanging out with people. We had lunch with my family today because this is the last day I'll see my dad- he's going out of town this week. I'm sure I'll be seeing my mom up until the minute we drive away; she's been spending every second with me that she can. And yesterday my sister and her boyfriend came up to visit us. Since we live nearly 40 miles north of downtown Houston, it was a big event for them to come here-- and this is the second time they've done that in the last couple of weeks... THEY LIKE US!

It was a pretty big day. We spent most of it walking around The Woodlands, which is the silly town we live in. (It's not even officially a town- I think it might be a "township.") It was absolutely beautiful outside, and we took advantage of that. Here are pictures of my favorite tunnel!

My sister and my brother (the elusive turtle).


  1. I like your little collection of oddities.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    How's the packing going? I love the little gingerbread man! That is so adorable. Do you remember the pillsbury doughboy? The little white guy with blue eyes and an apron? I have that doll somewhere.
    When are you moving? Let us know how Nashville looks when you get there. I've been there once, when I was little. I remember Tennessee being very green. Lots of rolling emerald hills, lush trees, etc...It was very beautiful. We toured the Jack Daniel's distillery, too, down there somewhere. That was a hoot.
    Anyway, let us know how it's going and how you're settling in.


  3. Thanks!

    Liz - The packing is... coming along. :) It's a little hectic! We'll actually be heading out of town on Thursday, making a stop in Memphis for the night (to visit family) and then driving to Nashville Friday! Hopefully this will all go smoothly. It is really beautiful there!


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