Wednesday, February 25, 2009

cookie party

I feel so incredibly accomplished. After close to 12 hours of editing today, I finally finished going through my husband's book and helping him get it ready to send out! My brain is completely fried. But it wasn't a bad way to spend a day - listening to The Breeders and reading a good book. I never made it out of my pajamas, and now it's nearly bedtime.

Here are some sugar cookies we made last night!

This one was mine.

Sleep is going to be so good tonight. I barely slept at all last night, but my insomnia did lead to some incredibly creative ideas. I'm excited about having tomorrow to myself to work on making things. I'm so appreciative that we're in a position to be unemployed by choice for a while. I do look for jobs everyday, but I've stopped clicking on anything secretarial or even vaguely corporate/office related. I keep finding things that I KNOW I'm qualified for (with nearly 3 years of experience working for a lawyer), but the job descriptions alone already have me bored to tears. I need to work on my real goals. Keep making dreams to run toward.


  1. I'll bet you could make WONDERFUL earrings and sell them on ebay. The supplies are cheap, you're so creative, and they're mega-cheap to ship. People still buy little things during a recession, because they can't buy the big things. You could do retro, and even emo-type earrings. My teen daughters are into the emo stuff. They pay 9-15 dollars for a pair of earrings at Hot Topic. I bet you could do emo earrings for a dollar or two a pair and sell them for 5 or 6 dollars + shipping on ebay. Emo is incredibly popular (even if it is somewhat...well, you know). Anyway, you're so creative. You'd make a ton of cash.


  2. Thanks, Liz! That's a pretty good idea. I could get some near earring supplies and then use little recycled/vintage things to make them unique. I just need to work on doing stuff like that full time, but I get distracted...

  3. Let me know if you start making them. I have four teenagers (+ 1 eleven-year-old). I'll direct them and all their friends to your earring sales. : ) that should get you a bunch of customers!


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