Tuesday, February 3, 2009

black and white

Every day lately is turning out to be "big" in some way or another. It's very tiring! I can't believe we're moving next week. Let's not think about it!

I recently discovered swap-bot, a website where you sign up for any kind of swap you can imagine (via email or regular mail). It's super neat and addicting! I've just started out and I'm mostly doing email swaps right now; today I sent out a black and white photography email.

I had to really go back through my photos to find anything I thought was worth sending, and here is what I came up with. I figured I would share them with everyone!

The above print is one I shot/developed/printed for my first photography class in high school. We were doing a "shadows" shoot and I was really fortunate to stumble upon a bunch of cats in the street one day. Everyone loves this picture. One of the people I sent it to actually just asked my permission to get a print made of it! (!!)

This giraffe print is also from my first photography class - we were required to go to the zoo! I absolutely loved that class and my teacher, Mrs. Pichini. 3 of my friends took the class with me. Darkrooms are the best places to have fun. Super good memories.

This one (and the rest) are just regular digital photos. Teapot, vintage apron, good stuff.

This was an experiment with a tripod, self-timer, and jumping on the bed. While wearing a Stop Staring! dress. It's one of those nice photographic accidents.

This one is just a plain old picture from a fireworks show. For some reason I always find it exciting to take pictures of fireworks - I like this one for it's simplicity. In the 80s my dad used to do some crazy stuff with his SLR camera (a Minolta XG-1 that he let me have). On one occasion I know he set the shutter to stay open while he covered the lens with cardboard and then did multiple exposures on one frame- so it looks like dozens and dozens of fireworks all in the sky at once. I have that picture somewhere!

To wrap this all up, I'll announce that I'm attempting to sell my darkroom equipment (locally- definitely not gonna ship it anywhere!). I've been hanging onto it for so long, but I haven't used it in over a year. It's just so expensive (time-wise and money-wise) to keep up with that hobby. I hate to sell out, but I don't think I can pack my photo enlarger and move it to a new place. All of my chemicals (and probably my photo paper too) have expired. It's just sad!

This is turning rambly and I have to go to bed or something.


  1. ooooh I love your photos.

    Isn't swap-bot fun

  2. Beautiful, Rebecca. You're very talented. I have my own darkroom, too. Or, I did, until the fam took it over and made it into a new laundry room. I'm still able to use it but I have to trudge all my equiptment back and forth from the basement. I haven't in so long. I need to, though. You just can't get the depth, texture, and contrast with digital.

    Beautiful prints. I know they look even better in person. Scanners do a number on them, dont' they?


  3. Simone - Thank you! :)

    Liz - Yes, the prints look much better in real life! Scanning them in really seems to wash them out.

    I may end up keeping my equipment! I don't know... I can't seem to find a good home for it and I don't want to just give it to anyone. I emailed some area guy online who was looking for "old photography stuff" - he suggested I donate it to Goodwill! !??!!?!? Can you imagine that? Silly people..

  4. I love taking fireworks photos too! I actually used one of mine for the swap-bot swap. It was three fireworks photos I edited together to make one awesome pic :)


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