Saturday, February 21, 2009

hanging lights and things

Here are some pictures to prove that I haven't been entirely lazy lately. I have been entirely distracted, though - we just have so many boxes and things sitting around that I will start one project, go into another room to get something, and end up starting an entirely new project.

Paper lantern in the bedroom.

Clock and some wall decoration over my computer (not done there, but I need more nails for hanging things!)

Bird lights in the kitchen. Those are from IKEA - they always have good lights.

We've set up the record player, and I finally got my sewing machine out of its box this morning. Things don't look too bad, considering we've only been here a week. There's a dissassembled bike in the middle of the living room. Not sure where that's going to go - we don't have any sort of fence around our patio or a place to chain it, either. I guess we could chain it to one of those cute little bushes outside, but that seems so rude.

Here are a couple of things that should be going into my Etsy shop today or tomorrow! I need to stop lurking around in my pajamas (which has become a daily occurrence) and get busy!

Hat! And that coat too, but not just yet... How white can I get?

Shoes! I'd keep them but they're too tight.

Also-- I did sell my darkroom stuff! I left it with my mom in case I ever wanted to use it again, but after we moved my friend Max asked about buying it. He just picked it up from my mom's house this morning! I'm really glad it's going to a good home. I figure by the time I have the right space / desire to develop photos again, I can always buy new stuff; mine wasn't all that great anyway!


  1. The bird lights are so lovely! Also, love that picture of you. You look like the heroine from film noir.

  2. Max picked it up today! It cost him the $$ you specified plus a hyrdro-planing wreck with an old bat who insisted on calling the police. Hopefully it'll work for him.


  3. Sarah - That sucks for Max! :( He called me after he left and he didn't mention that... haha. He's so cute!


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