Friday, January 30, 2009

too tired

I'm so tired - no pretty pictures today! I barely slept last night and I've been busy all day cleaning and things. Just got home and after we have dinner we're grocery shopping and then I'm going to bake peanut butter cookies. We're having people over tonight! 3 people, to be exact.

I think this is actually a going-away party for us. It just kind of happened! But we're going to eat things and play Rock Band and it should be good. And then I'm going to get up at 6 a.m. tomorrow and have a garage sale with my mom. Oh boy!!

I'm so tired. But I hope you enjoy the above picture and caption. I have to give Robert credit for noticing that. :) I feel like that baby right now.


  1. LOL love the pic

    We LOVE Rock Band! I'm the drummer. : 0 )
    We just did a 58 song set list last weekend.
    Good grief my arms were tired.

    Rock Band Rules!

    Have fun at your party!


  2. We had so much fun! We played through the whole Pixies album Doolittle. I love playing drums too! But so does my husband... so we took turns alternating between singing and drumming. When he was singing I was laughing so much that I was drumming pretty badly. It was a good time!

  3. It's such a great game. I love that everyone can play and have fun instead of just staring at the TV. I don't sing. It could cause serious injury to innocent people if I did. My husband plays guitar (both on Rock Band and for real). Glad you guys had a great time!



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