Thursday, January 15, 2009

tiny tea party

A couple of days ago I was hanging out with my mom and she said, "Oh.. here. Grandma wanted me to give you this tea set."

That's right, a tiny tea set. Why did she want to give it to me? I'm really not sure, but I decided I would take it anyway. So today I went looking for friends who are small enough to actually use it.

I will give you a cookie if you can figure out the perspective on this!

This is Little Guy. You might know him from my other blog. He's a pretty good size for this teacup!

Little Guy's nemesis also joined in on the party. But I think his fingernails might stop him from holding the cup correctly.

Turtle! Get away from that pitcher!

Note: No robots were actually given tea during this photo shoot.

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  1. Fantastic pictures! Love it! I've been into photography for years. I used to have my own darkroom until The Worshipped One and our Offspring took it over for a laundry room. These gave me a great laugh.


    Oh - I should explain myself, eh? I stumbled over your husband's blog while stumbling over another blog, by which I found my way here. Hi! *waves from afar*


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