Tuesday, January 27, 2009

squid storage

I'm finally back! We just got connected to the internet again a few minutes ago. Today was very frustrating. Someone was supposed to come out between 10 a.m. and noon. After lunchtime, when no one showed up, I finally started doing whatever I felt like (instead of peeking out of the window every 5 minutes). I did an art project!

Wooden storage thingy from IKEA.

I've had this wooden storage container for a few years now, and I keep craft supplies in it. The other day when I was organizing, I ran across some finger paints. Before I knew it, I had squirted a big glob of paint on the top of this and was swooshing it around. I can't think of anything more satisfying.

Can't forget those little suction cup things!

And then today I decided a big pink octopus would look nice on there. Fingernail polish to the rescue! It was a lot of fun. And you know what? Nobody from the phone company ever showed up. It took over 3 hours of phone calls this evening (all of this from my cell phone, mind you) and they finally figured out the magic to make it come back without coming to our apartment.

His eyes are discreet because he is hiding from you.

It feels so nice to be back online. Even though I got to do some stuff yesterday afternoon, I had 46 new emails today. Don't worry, most of them were from my husband - even though he knew I wouldn't be able to read them, he "just got bored" at work. How adorkable. Now I must sift through them! But I also made a sale on Etsy and that's nice.


  1. Adorable! I did my son's whole room in an 'under the ocean theme.' The whole room is dark blue. With acrylics, I did a huge shark across the ceiling, coral reefs with lots of small fish around the middle of the walls, a giant squid on one wall (with other decos, of course), stingrays, tons of other fish. You just reminded me of how fun that was (It's been finished for years). You've inspired me to get my paints out again. Look out walls! (ps. What is Etsy?)


  2. That sounds like an exciting room!!! I can't wait to get a house so I can paint on the walls... :) Yes, yes, paint some more!

    Etsy is a very addictive website where people sell handmade and vintage items. You can find nearly anything there, and everything is beautiful. I have a shop at http://telephoneghost.etsy.com - I started out doing handmade stuff, but I've noticed vintage is just a lot easier to sell (at least for me!).

  3. Sounds wonderful! I'll have my daughters check it out this weekend when they're allowed on the computer (not allowed during school week). They LOVE vintage jewelry and stuff.


  4. I love the water, and the octopus :-) You are wonderful to multi-task that well!

    Via swap-bot :-)


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