Thursday, January 29, 2009

baby sloth

The other day my husband brought me a "surprise." It was this check-out receipt that he found at the library. Some little girl was apparently getting the BEST books ever.

You owe the library $1.20, Sophie!

As you may have noticed, I changed my blog's title. It's going to be *baby sloth* from now on. Because I can't think of anything better. If you don't understand, just go to Youtube and look for videos of baby sloths. Or just do an image search.

I'm going to be moving around (and maybe painting) some furniture today, so I probably won't have time to do much else! Just wanted to make you aware of baby sloths. Did you know you can get them for pets? Some kinds. I was informed by my sister that they sell three-toed sloths for $1200 at the pet store where she got her hedgehog. But I think I'm more into two-toed sloths.

On a side note, if anybody could draw a picture of a baby sloth for me, that would be really good. It would make me really happy and I would give you a prize! I'm not lying. Start drawing!


  1. lol That's funny. Baby sloths are cute, but no match for baby parkeets (see blog for baby keet #2). kidding kidding.

    Looking at the library receipt, I'm wondering which pet the girl ultimately went with. Southern sea otter? She'd have to have an awfully big aquarium. That narrows it down to ferret or baby sloth. Which do you think she chose?

    Draw a baby sloth, eh? Probably beyond my area of expertise. : )


  2. I would say a ferret is the most probable pet!!


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