Monday, January 26, 2009

temporary issues...

I've really been enjoying taking pretty pictures and doing blog posts every day, but that came to a screeching halt this weekend. While we were talking to the phone company about transferring our service to the new apartment *in 3 weeks*, they accidentally disconnected our phone and internet lines *immediately*. So, we've been without the internet at home for a couple of days now. I'm posting this from the library, where I can only get an hour of internet time. :(

After hours of phone calls, I was told today that they'll send someone out tomorrow afternoon to fix it. That's right- while they can disconnect your service with the click of a button, someone physically has to come over to reconnect it. AGH!

Until then I'll be trying to keep myself sane by packing and organizing at home. It's going to be hard! I miss you, internet.


  1. Being without the internet is kinda creepy. We look forward to having you back though, till then I hope you have fun with whatever you do.

  2. Oh, no! Isn't that classic cable/phone company, though? And don'tcha just love how they tell you they'll be over "between" noon
    and four, or one and three, or eight and one, etc...what's wrong with just making a regular appointment? Hope your internet is back up and running soon. I can't imagine living without internet!

  3. Yes!! They said they'd come over between 10 and 12 today, and no one ever showed up - apparently they didn't know our apartment number so they just ignored the order.


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