Thursday, January 22, 2009

heart headband

I'm feeling a bit more rested today. This morning I drew out some plans for how I want to arrange my craft area in the new apartment. I'm going to make little plans for each room, and if I can't figure out where something goes, we have to get rid of it before the move!

But this afternoon I was feeling creatively dissatisfied, like I hadn't really done anything. So I decided it was sewing time. I was hoping to use my sewing machine, but it's impossible to get to right now. Time to sew by hand! I usually prefer sewing by hand because I feel more in control, though sewing machines make things happen really fast (which is why they scare me a little).

It's about time to start doing Valentine's stuff, right?

Drinking green tea is my new favorite afternoon activity.

At this point I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with this little heart. So I looked in a mirror to determine if it would look better in someone's hair or as some sort of brooch. Turns out it was adorable in my hair!

Can you tell I ran out of those uniform white buttons? Left side is less pretty.

So I sewed it onto a headband. Actually, that's a ribbon that's supposed to go on a dress. But I like to wear it in my hair. I will wear almost anything in my hair.

Now I have to wait until Valentine's Day to wear it! Coincidentally, Valentine's day falls on the day after we move to Nashville. We won't have any furniture for the weekend (it's getting delivered a couple of days after we get there). We're planning to explore the city. I'm really excited.


  1. Hi Rebecca. What an adorable little heart! Sewing machines scare me, too. I only use mine when I have a big project, such as Halloween costumes.

    Idea for your little heart: Leave a slot open at the top between the two hearts, write a little poem on a little piece of paper, slide it into the heart with a tea bag (I like Earl Grey, but any tea will work). Here's the poem:

    I wish we could sit down together
    And have a cup of tea
    But since we can't, when you drink this one
    I hope you'll think of me!

    Then give the heart (with poem and teabag) out to your friends, family, etc...mail them to friends that live far away. I used to make these little felt teacups and do the same thing with them. They were a big success. Everyone loved them.


  2. That's a really neat idea! Thank you. :)


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