Monday, August 31, 2009

the end of august

I went missing again! Don't worry, nothing exciting happened... which is exactly why I haven't updated here in a while. Here are some things I've been doing lately!
  • Reading Harry Potter books. All of them for the first time. I'm almost done with the last one! [I just started the whole series a few months back. I wasn't going very quickly until they got exciting - now I've been speeding through them like a 12 year old.]
  • Watching Harry Potter movies. I only ever saw 3 of them, so Robert has insisted we watch them all in a row. We watched 1-3 this weekend - we're really dorking out over here.
  • Watching Coraline in 3D. Most of it just made my eyes feel blurry, but there were some really amazing parts with neat depth of field!
  • Getting excited about embroidery. I found the Stitch-It Kit at Goodwill for $1 last week, and I've been thinking of projects that I can do. I don't think I've embroidered anything since I was about 7 years old - let's hope I'm somehow a master!
I also got a haircut! And ice cream!! Yum.

Also, Anna of much love gave me a little award that comes with an assignment! This should be interesting.

The Premium Meme Award
For this, I have to list seven traits about myself and then pass the award onto seven other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.

So, here are my 7 traits! I am... playful, easily distracted, slow moving, very particular, sometimes hysterical, skittish, and fairly optimistic! In other words, I am CRAZY LIKE A CAT. [Haha, sorry I'm bad at these kinds of things - at least I amused myself pretty well!]

I will pass this on to Ambika, Diane, Olivia, Andrea, Sam, Ana, and Amy. All such lovely bloggers with radiant personalities!


  1. Ooh, I saw Coraline in 3D too! Wasn't it great? Although I must admit I found some of the 3D stuff distracting. Sometimes I just sat there thinking which part of the scene is in 3D instead of actually enjoying the story! haha

  2. Have you ever tried Sublime Stitching? The kit you got was such a deal, too!
    You can download the patterns for cheap, too!

    I loved the second Harry Potter! Did you watch the last one yet? Pretty good!

  3. I totally approve of your leave of absence - it sounds like you were having a ball!! Thank you so much for the award!! I look forward to fulfilling it!!

  4. Cute hair cut - i need to reread the harry books. I forget what happens in them and feel like i need to know before the new movies come out.

  5. Great way to stay busy! I'm so behind on Harry :) I've missed the last two flicks already. Also, congratulations on the award, very much deserved.

  6. I think from your 7 traits, you and I could be good friends, Rebecca ;) Teehehehe. The one I most identify with is "slow moving". Hahahaha. Thank you for the award.

  7. awww thanks!! haha i can be slow moving too... that cold stone looks delish!

  8. heehee, you just look so adorable! I love your hair, it looks perfect!!

  9. I loved Coraline in the theatres. I read the book afterward and liked that as well. And hurrah for you for getting with the Harry Potter program! My favorite movie and book is the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  10. Man, I really have to start over with the Harry Potter series. I stopped in the middle of the fifth one just because I couldn't take Harry's teen angsty attitude. Plus the hardback was cutting off the circulation in my lap. But I think it's time I revisited them but I'm going to have to make sure I have the will to commit to such a daunting task!

    Ooh, and your haircut looks sooo good. It just perfectly rests atop your shoulders.

    Also, congrats on your award!!! And thank you vair vair much for awarding me with it! A reward for personality - we really are living in the 21st century, aren't we?!

  11. Embroidery! Brings back such great memories.

    Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Still battling various ailments.

    I love your haircut. It's awesome!

    My kids have read all the HP books and seen all the movies (we own them all, to, if you want to borrow them I'll HAPPILY mail them to you if you promise to never return them! They're good movies, but you know how kids tend to watch things over and over and over and over and...well, you get the idea!)

    I just wanted to pop by and give you a cyber hug *hug!* and thank you for your warm wishes for wellness. Hope you guys are having a great Almost Autumn!


  12. Coraline has been on my to-watch list for ever... I really must see it.

    You're super cute on that pic, ice cream girl.

  13. i'm getting my hair cut today (well, trimmed).

    i wanted to reread harry potter this summer, but i never made my way to the library for the books! :(


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