Monday, August 3, 2009

my weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend - I definitely did! On Friday I became a bit bored with unpacking, so I decided to go for a walk. The short trip to the thrift store really cheered me up; it's good to know that I can get around, even when Robert takes the car to work!

I was careful about what I bought, because I didn't want to add to the clutter at home. My only purchase: the above dress. I think it's adorable, but I'll probably add it to my Etsy shop soon - I'd be keeping it if the colors were a bit more muted! As it is, I don't want to wear hot pink. See the way I'm staring at the ceiling in that picture? I was watching a wasps' nest. And very shortly after, I had a little fit because one of them flew at me. It was both hilarious and disheartening, and I gave up hanging out on the balcony until the next day, when we killed all of the wasps!

Saturday was all about food. We picked up our CSA share [see above - the basket was so full!] and then headed to the Franklin Farmers Market. It was our first time to go there, and it's going to become a weekly routine. It is amazing - the best farmers market I've ever been to! We bought fresh milk, eggs, cheese, lamb, and even some unnecessary carrots. That's the great thing about shopping at a farmers market - even if you buy something you don't need, it's nearly impossible to feel guilty about it. We'll just have to work some carrots into the menu this week [most likely in bread/muffin form]. I also don't feel guilty about buying meat there - you can talk to the people who raise the animals and it's very apparent that they all had happy and healthy lives!

The Zinnia that came with our CSA basket, wilted after the drive home

After doing our regular grocery shopping, we headed to Nashville to meet some of Robert's family for lunch. We ate so much food that we didn't even need dinner that night. But it was a good time!

The Zinnia perked up after a while in some sugar water!

We also accomplished a lot of unpacking this weekend. Robert is excellent at finishing big projects quickly, so he was able to clear the living room and office of boxes, while I spent a lot of time doing laundry and putting books on the bookshelf. I like little projects and I like to take them slow. :) The apartment is starting to look decent, so maybe some pictures will appear here soon!

By the way, don't forget to enter the mirror giveaway! You have a few more days.


  1. Oh! I like that dress! Very sweet! I can understand you looking at the wasps' nest! I think I would be keeping an eye on it too! The farmer's market sounds lovely!

  2. i LOVE your dress!

    at the open house on friday all the tour guides were frantically warned of a hornets' nest outside of the student union! it made me a nervous wreck all day!

  3. That dress is lovely! What a great find, and it must be so nice to have the thrift store within walking distance :)
    The Zinnia looks so pretty too, especially after you put it in sugar water.

  4. I think my mom must have taken that dress to the thrift store - it looks just like one she used to wear. Love it!

  5. You look adorable, what a fantastic dress! :D

  6. You look so cute in that dress and hooray for you not trying to get more stuff in your home!


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