Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cake and presents

I'm still recovering from my birthday! Not physically or mentally, but just catching up on chores around the house that I'd been ignoring because it was my "birthday time." What a fun excuse to be lazy.

Thanks again to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes! It was a nice day, and I took so many pictures that I'm going to break it up into a couple of posts. Not only can I stretch out the birthday cheer, but this post won't be overwhelmingly disjointed and crazy. So today: cake and presents! Good stuff! I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking.

Fresh homemade vanilla ice cream!

Gigantic cake! Recipe from smitten kitchen - though we didn't think the icing was sweet enough and tampered with it until it became something evil and delicious.

Presents! Wrapped in baby paper! Thanks, Robert. <3

I admired this at the grocery store one time, so Robert bought it because, as he said, "I knew we would definitely need it."

Necklace from my lavaliere

Ring also from my lavaliere

Clock from decoylab

Apple canister from ModishVintage

Anyone notice a trend with the presents? This is what happens when you refuse to tell people what you want and give them a link to your Etsy favorites! Not such a bad idea; I think it went fairly well. However, I did find it funny that both my sister and Robert gave me jewelry from the same place, and I just got that headband from the same shop... I feel like I'm starting a collection of their business cards!

Robert took the afternoon off work, and we walked around downtown. Mostly we strolled around looking at antiques, but we got tired of that after a while. After presents and some cake and an afternoon nap at home [perfect birthday trio], we ventured out again and walked around the cemetery across the street. Pictures from our adventure will appear in the next post [whenever that may be].


  1. Ha, I use any excuse not to clean and you had a great one! :)

    You had some amazing gifts! The Etsy Favorites as a wishlist is genius!

  2. that cake is GORGEOUS and i love that ring! glad you had such a great birthday!

  3. Most beautiful cake ever!!! I love love your birthday post... genius way to get what you want as gifts too I gotta tell you... I'm doing this for my b-day!!

  4. So lovely! Thank you for the sneak peak into your B'day celebrations! The ring and the yellow box are sooo gorgeous!!

  5. Lovely ring. You've gotten quite the nice haul. :)

  6. Oh, such lovely presents! I love that ring.

    btw, I've tagged you with an award. Think of it as a present too ;)

  7. The cake is so so so pretty- almost as great as the ring!!

  8. Just dying for that canister!


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