Thursday, August 13, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I decided to spend some money and buy myself an early birthday present! I wanted something made by someone I admire and wish to support [and there are many of you out there!], so I bought a dress made by Elizabeth of entings. There aren't many items in her shop right now, but you can check out some of the sold items from her previous shop, elizabetheff, to get an idea of her style*. She is one of my favorite internet-people, and sometimes I wish to kidnap/adopt her as my child. (Sorry, it's just the truth.)

What do you think?

I think it's lovely! And, though I haven't been thinking about Fall fashions that much, I couldn't help but try this with some layers...

It's so cute with a jacket! And boots! I think this is going to be really fun to wear.

*If you need any further proof of how neato Elizabeth is, look at this magical creation...

photo and diorama by elizabeth!

My sister actually purchased the above diorama, and intended to give it to me for Christmas last year, but ended up keeping it for herself. I can't say that I blame her!

For another example of dazzling awesomeness [if the hippo isn't doing it for you], I once mailed Elizabeth a bunch of wizard bookmarks -- they reminded me of her so much -- and in return I got some handmade paper and the tiniest, most exciting little painting! She's a real gem: someone to keep an eye on for sure!

(Quick sidenote: I've noticed that a lot of times when I post photos here, they look sort of blurry! If you click to enlarge them, they're fine, but within the post they seem to be a bit squished. Has anyone else noticed this or have any tips on how to fix it? Maybe it's just my screen...?)


  1. Omg, you look ADORABLE!! I love the dress!! Love the boots, too- everything is so cute! Thanks so much for the link to my blog. I'm hoping to put some links on my blog soon, too, and yours will be one of them! :)

  2. I love your new dress! It's great that you bought it for your B-Day... every year I say I'm going to do that and I don't. Next year for sure. Your sister is obviously awesome... the diorama is adorable.

  3. You look so lovely! And your hair is just darling! :D

    Oh thank you! I will link to you as well, of course ^_^

  4. That dress looks really sweet and the hippo-creation is awesome!

  5. That dress looks gorgeous on you! It goes really well with the jacket and boots :)

  6. That color is fab with your skin! I love it. I wish I could dress myself. I secretly wish I could kidnap/adopt you as my fashion advisor.

    : )

    I love the hippo! How adorable!

    Nope, the pictures don't look squished to me.

  7. Thanks for the introduction. I would keep the diorama for myself too. But what a cheeky thing for your sis to do! The dress will be super for fall. The high neckline will keep you warm too.

    As for pictures - I did find that with my pics. Have fixed the problem by always resizing my pics to the width of my main column before uploading. I used to drag and resize in blogger but that's when the picture would go all funny. So resize before uploading is my tip. Make sure you know how many PX across your main column is. Email me if you have trouble.

  8. Cool dress!

    When exactly is your birthday?

  9. You're beautiful Rebecca and this dress looks perfect in you. I love your hair too. You're a doll :)


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