Monday, August 24, 2009

today is my birthday

I'm officially 23 now! I will save the pictures and adventure-tales for a later post, when all is said and done! Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes; so far it's going very well. :)

Here are some presents from me to you. I'd do something more exciting, but I guess I'm too uptight!

First, the song 'Birthday' by the Sugarcubes. Enjoy the preciousness of Bjork in 1987. I've got this song on vinyl, so I'm about to go listen to it while I'm getting ready for the day.

Second, here is an insightful TIME article about the high price of cheap food. Read it! Learn something! Take action! Do it for my birthday? Ha ha.


  1. YAYYY!!! Happy birthday, beauty!!

    Mine is coming up September 16th. 31! EEeeek!

  2. Action already taken! We stock our freezer every 6 months with beef/pork from a friend who is a Hobby Farmer... and don't have to go near the SuperMarket Meat Counter!! (and we don't order meat out in restaurants, 'cause it just doesn't compare to ours in flavor!)

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!

  4. Happy Birthday Rebecca!!•:*'''''*:•-:¦:-

    I love love that Sugarcubes song... :) Wishing you a wonderful new Birthday year, filled with lots of good and happy things!

    Sincerely your friend in Los Angeles♥

  5. Many happy returns Rebecca!! Hope your day was filled witth lots of love and laughter! :)

  6. Great to hear you're birthday is going well!
    *listening to the song now*

  7. Oh, happy belated birthday!!! I hope it was a great one.

    Reading about sustainable agriculture and how the food industry is rapidly destroying our diet and environment, and the awful conditions animals have to live in to be ultimately slaughtered is just heartbreaking. I've watched a few documentaries as well but you know, I've never changed my diet because of them. I'm really going to have to do something about it but I'm unsure of just what yet.

  8. aw happy birthday again!

    that time article is really frightening. have you ever read the book "in defense of food"? scary!


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