Saturday, August 22, 2009

flora and fauna

Orange Zinnia!

Although this past week has been fairly rainy, the weather today is absolutely beautiful! It's cool and breezy, which made our weekly visit to the farmers market very pleasant. I already mentioned how much I like the Franklin Farmers Market, but I think I'm in love now. It's so nice to walk around and have a treat; this morning we snacked on an amazing lemon bar. Sometimes we get fresh chocolate milk or this amazing kettle corn... mmm! It's such a tasty place, and so many of the vendors there are fun to talk to - we're already making some new farmer friends, which is a nice: we miss a few people from the farmer's market in Houston.

I'm having a great weekend so far, and I hope everyone else is as well! My birthday is Monday, so I'm getting very special treatment around here. :) Robert just ordered a new computer monitor for me, which is GOOD NEWS because I've been using a big clunker from a thrift shop ever since my regular monitor went out a few months ago. That'll be a welcome change!

Oh, and let's not forget this little guy. I felt like making something yesterday afternoon, and this is what happened! I think he's a cross between a panda, a rabbit, a t-rex and a turtle. He was a welcome-home-from-work-HEY-it's-Friday!! surprise for Robert.


  1. Pretty boy!! Especially love his glamorous gold eyes!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Happy B'day for Monday if you don't get round to posting!!

  2. O Rebecca! Your birthday on Monday?! How fantastic. I hope you have an amazing day. Your flower picture is very cheerful. I love the gorgeous colour.

  3. The Panda,t-Rex,rabbit,turtle thing is so cute!!

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    My husband's boss's birthday was Thursday, Boss's son birthday Friday, my husband birthday Sat (22nd), my BFF birthday today! And yours Monday! How exciting! Hmmm. Counting backward 9 months...December. Busy month for our parents' generation, eh? *giggle*

    Zinnia's are my favorite flower. So lovely. I wish they were perennials. Some years I forget to plant them.

    Your Panda, t-Rex, rabbit, turtle - my kids are in love with it! They want to know if you'll make some more and sell them so they can buy some. : )


  5. I love your little felt creation and your Farmer's Market sounds like such fun! I used to frequent a local farmers market before moving 3 years ago and know just what you mean about all the goodies they sell. But I've never had fresh chocolate milk! That sounds good... don't think I've ever had fresh milk before either though? Will have to try one day!

    Wishing you a HAPPY HAPPY Birthday tomorrow! And I look forward to hearing all about it... :)

  6. awwww! i hope you have a wonderful birthday!

    annnd have you ever tried "raw milk?" it's all the rage these days i hear, and it's legal now in tennessee!

  7. ♥♥♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! ♥♥♥
    Hope you have a great time!

    your felt doll is adorable! Oh, you make me want to make one too. A few years ago I attempted to make a felt doll of a bunny, but then my housemate at the time made some comments about how it looked (it was kinda ugly), which was SO discouraging that I gave up :(

  8. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Rebecca, happy birthday to you!

    (thank your lucky stars you didn't have to hear me actually sing that lol)

    You're a great blogger buddy and friend. Hope you have wonderful day full of nice surprises and things that make you feel special!


  9. Happy Birthday, Rebecca!

    I hope you have many long years and thank you for documenting such a wonderful life!


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