Tuesday, August 11, 2009

overdue updates

I've been very sparse with my blog posts lately! I apologize, even though I doubt there are any die-hard fans who have really noticed. I've been trying to get back into something that resembles a normal daily schedule, but I haven't been too successful so far.

But you get an outfit post today!

Check out the new basil plant! He is shy. But so tasty!

Here's a nice around-the-house outfit. I've been working on pictures for an Etsy shop update -- on days like this, I usually put on a vintage slip and then move from outfit to outfit as I photograph. It's the best form of dress up! When I was done taking pictures this morning, I put this jumper on over my slip; for some reason this outfit makes me really happy.

It is hard to jump on a chair and pose with a 10 second self-timer. Haha.

I think it's sort of the classy equivalent of wearing overalls without much underneath [like a 5-year old, not like a scary old man!]. Sort of.

slip: vintage, jumper: Forever 21, bracelet: stamp, shoes: Payless

Second attempt: just as awkward!

((click to enlarge))

Above are the 3 items I'm planning to list in my Etsy shop this afternoon. I'm starting small! I'm way overdue on a shop update, and items are expiring left and right. There are a few neat things there that I wish someone would buy! Be sure to check out these discounted items.


  1. Very cute!! The shoes are perfect with it too!

  2. Love all of these dresses, and I am smitten with that plaid one :D

  3. Your outfit is very cute. I love the red necklace but I don't think I'm brave enough to wear it.

  4. I love your jumper and outfit Rebecca, all through high school I wore jumpers because of how easy and comfy they were. I also love love your new red necklace! Very modern for being so vintage.

  5. I do love the layered dresses--I need to get a slip, I find myself admiring this look so much!

  6. this is a really sweet outfit, and you yourself are so cute!

  7. I love your choices, especially that gray dress.

    It's tough to get on a schedule epecially when your goals and days are scattered!


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