Friday, August 7, 2009

facts and pictures

A while back, the lovely Sam of Matou en Peluche tagged me to post "10 things you don't know about me." Today seems like a good time to come up with some things, and to share some recent pictures that don't really fit in anywhere else. So... here we go!

1. I do crazy things in my sleep. I've always been a bit prone to some light sleep walking and talking, but lately when I'm falling asleep I'll imagine I see a spider on my pillow, and I jump up yelling about it. That's my new sleep trend! I think it happens when I'm stressed out or in a new place, because it's happened 4 times in the last couple of weeks [and it hadn't happened for a while - but it's been going on for nearly a year]. Poor Robert! In the morning I always ask him, "hey, did anything weird happen last night?" and sometimes he's got stories to tell me that I don't even remember happening.

2. I'm officially a housewife again. No job outside of the home for now! It's taken some adjustment. Mostly I'm having fun realizing I can do whatever I feel like [because I'm unemployed by choice], and trying to overcome my own expectations of completing long to-do lists every day. It's hard not to feel guilty for not doing chores when I have so much time to myself. I think I'll get over it!

giant blueberry!

3. Although I'd like to believe I'm spontaneous, I really don't do many activities without thoroughly planning them first. I love planning and making lists. When something comes up that's not on my list, I often hesitate. Unless it's something that I obviously want to do, like eat a cookie or play in the rain, I generally won't take opportunities that randomly present themselves to me. That being said..

4. I was a ridiculous child. On the day that I was born, I got up on my hands and knees and started rocking back and forth like I was trying to crawl. This terrified my mom; she asked the nurses what was wrong with me. At the age of 3, I could climb on top of the refrigerator by myself (and did so frequently). And when I was 6 years old, I got so mad about my family moving to a new state that I moved in under the dining room table and decided I was going to live there. If you ever meet my mom she will tell you these stories and more, including the time I had just learned to walk and deliberately spat into her coffee (while scowling at her) for no reason, or the time I ate a ton of strawberries at the grocery store while no one was looking.

Favorite sandals with my webbed toes!

5. During high school, my friend and my sister and I formed an electronic band ("A Band with Mandolins"). We made all of our songs using a computer program. Actually, they made most of the songs-- I only ever made 2 songs (one of which didn't get saved and was lost forever), because I'm not musically inclined. I found song-making to be pretty boring. We named all of our songs after phrases we found in old psychology textbooks, and we once even had a "CD release party" at the coffee shop where 2/3 of the band worked. Those were pretty good times!

6. I've always been a picky eater, though I've been getting fairly brave and exploratory with food lately [and much healthier]! My pickiness has almost turned into snobbery at this point -- I only want to eat things that are worth eating. There are A LOT of foods not worth eating, and that includes all fast food and convenience food [and most American restaurant "food", in my opinion]. Let me just wow some of you by saying: I have never eaten at Taco Bell.

(Psst! - New recipe up at the hungry lemur!)

7. I never seek out new music. Every once in a while a band will sneak into my list of favorites [usually from exposure by being around someone who listens to them constantly], but generally I listen to the same music over and over and over. Just like an old person!

8. The advice I remember hearing most from my mom when I was growing up: "You don't have to do anything you don't want to." My mom was really cool that way - she let me skip a lot of school. Ha ha! On days when I would skip middle school, I'd often hang out at my grandparents house - they thought it was funny to call me "Skipper." [I really hated school when I was growing up. I told my mom I wanted to drop out after my first few days of kindergarten.]

New dress! Found in the "pre-teen" section of Goodwill.

9. Although I was born in Texas and spent most of my life there [at least up until moving to Tennessee this year!], I lived in Colorado for about 4 years. Those were some of the best times ever! Hiking, playing in the snow, having picnics on mountain tops -- I'm really glad I got to experience that as part of my childhood. My memories from that time period are very surreal and happy. [My sister recently went back for a visit - I'm so jealous! You can see some of her pictures here.]

10. I think I like small towns better than cities. Cities are okay to visit, but they just feel so crowded to me and they make me nervous. Small towns are tops!

Well, that was fun! I think Sarah and Robert need to do this, and anyone else who wants to is completely welcome to it!


  1. I love you brother! You were a tough kid. Hahaha.

  2. Great post!! (and I love your sandals AND your webbed toes!)

  3. A lovely post Rebecca! It's great to learn more about you.

    That's so awesome that your mom taught you at such a young age that you don't have to do anything you don't want to, I had to learn that as an adult. Even now, there's guilt if I don't go to a dinner or event I feel obliged to attend.

    Regarding cities I'm on the opposite end, for me (since I grew up in one) theres comfort in the noises, the people and traffic and lights.

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  5. I love your baby stories! I was pretty advanced as a baby, but not that advanced!!! lol

    Your new dress is gorgeous as well :)

  6. Ooh, I always worry about sleep walkers. @_@ I'm a picky eater too--in a similar way to you; I'll eat any exotic food, try raw octopus, etc, but please don't make me go to Subway!
    Love your striped dress--it looks so comfortable.

  7. That dress is adorable! And those baby stories are so funny! I'm trying to imagine a baby climbing on top of a refrigerator..

  8. Wow! What an epic post!!! Ilove it - especially the part about you as an excentric baby!!! How cool are you!! A new born babe with buckets of attitude!! :)

  9. Fun facts :D hehe, I love that closeup pic of the blueberries, too <3

  10. i know what you mean about being guilty for all the time and chores of being a housewife! i hope i can learn some motivation from you!


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