Thursday, April 1, 2010

the birds, again

Another outfit for my wardrobe challenge! In 2 weeks I've only managed to put together 3 outfits (out of 12) -- this is definitely going to drag on a while. But I'm determined to complete it! Now that it's warmer outside, I know I'll be wearing skirts and dresses much more often. It feels SO GOOD in the sun!

This is what I wore yesterday to meet Robert for lunch.

Cardigan: Anthropologie / Dress: Converse (from Target) / Slip: Vintage Hem / Sandals: Target

I thought the birds might be too busy with the zipper, but it worked out just fine!

And I remembered to accessorize! Ring: my lavaliere / Cuff bracelet: stamp

Ah, macro settings... so much detail. Can you see where the ring starts to irritate my finger after a few hours? That's why I don't wear it so often! Too bad, because it's one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

Oh and if you didn't see my baby goat post yesterday, go back and look! They're worth looking at a lot. I keep showing them to people just so I can stare at them more.


  1. I love everything about this outfit, ugh the ring is cute, too bad not very well designed.

  2. Ah! Those little birdies holding your cardigan together are charming - such an eye for detail you have! I love the petticoat you pop under your skirts too - a really pretty outfit! Have a lovely long weekend Rebecca! P.S. Off to look at baby goat post!

  3. I love the details of your outfit- the birds exactly! Maybe if you wear a clear bandaid underneath it so it'll last all day?

  4. I love the birds! The petticoat works really well under the dress - it completely changes the look of the dress. Such a useful item to own :)

  5. So cute! That delicate little chain looks so cute over the zipper.

  6. I love the bird details of your outfit. Where did you get the ones attached to your cardigan (what are they called? pins? hooks? birds on a chain? hehe..) I love it!


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