Friday, April 16, 2010

happy friday!

I'm keeping busy over here! Just wanted to share this pretty butterfly I saw yesterday morning. Doesn't it look magical? Hazy soft-focus achieved by shooting through the window screen - for some reason it just dawned on me that it's the same thing which made these photos so fuzzy but dreamlike. I like it!

Tomorrow (April 17th) is Record Store Day! Record stores all over the world will be having neat sales and also free shows. Check to see if you have a participating store nearby! We're definitely going to hit up Grimey's early on -- wanted to go last year, but I was too scared of the parking situation. Seems I'm getting more confident in my navigating-Nashville skills!


  1. Beautiful butterfly! That's so neat that the screen created the blurred effect!

  2. Oh that is so pretty! Yes, we had record store day here too!

  3. I thought you had a haze lens on it but never thought it'd be the screen. so pretty!

    I can't wait to see what you picked up for at the record store. : )

  4. I hit up 2 local record shops in my neighborhood yesterday--and it was the perfect day for it with sporadic rain.


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