Thursday, April 22, 2010

record store day recap

Last Saturday was Record Store Day. Although I lugged my camera around, I didn't take any pictures. We spent much of the day in East Nashville hanging out with some new [amazingly awesome] buddies. I got lost on the wrong side of the river once and we spotted a wax museum -- I would have taken a photo of that, but I was busy driving. There were several other silly moments that needed to be captured, but luckily someone else had a camera and mine stayed tucked away. I get really camera-shy around other people: not afraid to have my picture taken, but afraid to take pictures. It happens!

Anyway, we visited both The Groove and Grimey's. Here are the goodies we brought home! Not too many since we're on a tight budget, but good enough stuff.

Left to right: Decoration Day by the Drive-By Truckers, Misery Is A Butterfly by Blonde Redhead and a 7" single of We're Gonna Rise by The Breeders

The Breeders and Blonde Redhead albums were "my" purchases, while Robert picked up Decoration Day. I won't lie though, I wanted to own it too! The Drive-By Truckers are the the most rocking of Southern Rock bands ever to exist. None of these were special Record Store Day releases - we couldn't find any of the ones we were looking for! Either they sold out before we came, or our local stores didn't have them. It was still a nice day.

Our stuff came in this handy bag, which has a pocket inside for 45s. Blogger decided to turn the picture and I'm too lazy to fix it.

Vinyl is such a fun way to listen to music. I'm no audiophile and I can't truly tell if music sounds better on a record player, but it's definitely a more tactile experience: very hands-on. Listening to records is an activity within itself: you put the needle on, then you sit on the floor and look at the nice big album art [a must] and then you have to be around to flip the record over.

Here are some music videos!

The Breeders have probably been my absolute favorite band for the last couple of years. I listen to them nonstop. I see no reason to stop.

Before this musical era of my life, Blonde Redhead was probably my "favorite band" for a little while. Still think they're brilliant, but listening to them does remind me of glummer times in my life! Here's a more upbeat song, though the video is a little too... uncanny valley for me -- meaning, if you don't like creepy humanlike robots, don't watch it.

Happy listening!


  1. Cooool stuff! I adore The Breaders - Kim Deal is an utter legend. I've not heard of the other bands but will have a listen when I get home this evening. Sounds like you had a super day!

  2. God, I definitely hate it when I put effort into carrying my cameras around all day and never end up taking a photo too. Very annoying.

  3. you got some good stuff! i love the bag, too.

  4. So nice !


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