Thursday, March 18, 2010

wardrobe challenge

I've been dressing really terribly lately: just outright boring! Jeans and t-shirts have become my every day wear because I'm at home most of the time. It makes sense to me, but I also know it doesn't make for an exciting blog post -- which is exactly why I haven't done an outfit post in forever. But today I came upon an idea that sounds like a fun way to get some of my nice clothes back into rotation. I found the idea at What I Wore, who was inspired by La Fille D'or.

The challenge is to find 3 items in your closet which you never wear, and then over a couple of weeks try to create 4 outfits based around each item (for a total of 12 outfits). Here are my 3!

This little sweater shrug that I got on clearance at Anthropologie a while back..

...for obvious reasons. I can never find a good way to wear it!

This pleated skirt.

Seems like a simple enough piece, but I hardly ever use it.

I bought this skirt to go under my wedding dress, but feel like I should get more use from it.

It has neat pleating and is great for layering. I think I never wear it because I'm afraid I'll get it dirty.

I'm not sure I can get all 12 outfits into a 2-week period, but I'll play dress up around the house and see what I can put together! This should get me motivated to dress a little nicer!


  1. Such a fun challenge!! I adore the little bird on the cardigan :)

  2. It's funny--I so see all of these items together--the shrug goes great with both skirts. & I do adore the shrug!

  3. that should be fun, I too should join you, been doing the pyjama uniform for too long now... lol!

  4. Cool challenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  5. That sweater is darling! I see why you have trouble wearing it, though...

  6. You can do it! Love the little birdie!

  7. fun! i cant wait to see your looks!

  8. Fabulous post ! And thank you so much for your lovely comment ! Hope I can be back soon !

  9. This would for sure be a challenge for me, too! I think you can do it! I would love to do it but I'm too lazy right now :P


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