Tuesday, April 20, 2010

things I've been wearing

This morning I was in a panic. I had an appointment at 10 at a temp agency, and I suddenly decided to dress very professionally. This is something I should have thought about yesterday, but yesterday I said to myself, "oh, I'll just wear those black pants and a nice shirt." I forgot that I don't actually own any nice shirts. Fancy shirts, maybe, but not anything that could be defined as "professional" or "business casual" or anything normal like that. No no, I ditched most of my business clothes when I quit my office job over a year ago. I did keep one button-up blouse around, just in case. I've wanted to banish it from my closet so many times, but the voice of reason in my head told me that I should keep it for emergencies. The problem is, I don't even like it. I don't even like it at all. It looks fine in this picture, but it has slightly puffed sleeves and a funny tie in the back, and this morning I just felt silly when I put it on.

peg leg?

But it was the most professional-looking top I had, so I decided to go with it. However, once I'd decided on that I most certainly couldn't wear the black pants: they're probably not even the same shade of black. So, a skirt? Do I own any business-like skirts? Oh, not really. 'Cept this one which, like the black blouse, has been hanging in my closet just in case. And lucky me, this is one of the skirts I chose for the wardrobe challenge! Funny enough, I only wore it because I felt forced. The shoes, too - I haven't worn them in ages, but I keep them just in case. So, by this great misfortune, I ended up wearing 3 pieces I don't really enjoy - but they worked together, at least! My appointment went fine, and now I'm planning to stock up on some professional clothes that I actually want to wear.

By the way, can you tell I got a haircut? I bet not! It looked pretty neat the day of the trim, but it's descended back into madness. Here is somewhat of a before picture-- it was getting really long:

And an outfit from last week! And finally, a picture in a room you haven't seen yet! This is the room that we informally call "the scary room" or my "craft room." I've warmed up to the bright green paint a little, while Robert seems to be hating it more and more. Want to know something funny? This is the house's master bedroom... the previous owners actually slept in this monstrosity. We chose one of the smaller bedrooms with a less offensive green paint color as our own. Maybe one day we'll repaint it, but it's certainly exciting! I painted my sewing machine table white a couple of weeks ago - it was originally yellow and that was just not working with the green walls.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I would hire you!!

    I hope it went well. I love the walls, Rebecca!!

  2. I love your dotty shirt!

    And I think you looked perfectly professional! But I know I've banished all professional-type clothes from my closet on principle! You pulled it together very well.


  3. I think both outfits look great, even if you felt silly in that black top! ;-)

    Hope the appointment went well!

  4. I think both outfits look great. I LOVE those shoes.

    I had the same problem when I had to go to a job interview several weeks ago. Nothing in my wardrobe shouted "smart" or "professional"! Eventually I wore a black dress... probably didn't matter anyway since I didn't get the job. Oh well.


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