Sunday, September 13, 2009

unicorns and dinosaurs and such

I love weekends. Although they're technically not all that different from regular days for me, they're always so much better. Robert is home and we have things to do and everything is lovely! Here are some pictures.

Raisin bran muffins

My "new" bird dress! Haha, you can still see where the hoop was...

New unicorn shirt because I can't stay out of the kid's section at Target. (By the same designer as this one!)

Robert tried scouting a bike-route to his office, and he found this guy on the side of the road!

Poor little fellow! Someone cut off his foot and tangled him up in rope and threw him out a window (I guess).

By the way, thank you for all of the nice comments on the embroidery tutorial! It's seriously so much easier than you can imagine. I hope to start a couple of new projects this week.


  1. That embroidered blouse looks so good on you Rebecca! I'm a little worried about your pre-historic friend though - poor lad!

  2. I'd really like to believe that the dinosaur ended up by the side of the road in a re-creation of the bus scene from "Napoleon Dynamite". Yep, I think that's exactly what happened.
    Pretty much love your unicorn t-shirt, and the bird turned out so cute! It's a great color on you.

  3. I love the embroidered shirt! It looks so pro! Yes, the tutorial did help me and I just ordered the pin-up girl patterns! so excited!

  4. That dress is adorable!

  5. Ahh!! UNICORNS. (I think you might already know my unhealthy obsession). But the embroidery looks amazing!

  6. Mmm, muffins. I love the embroidered bird!

  7. Anyone who loves unicorns, is a friend of mine! Totally awesome tshirt.

    Useless unicorn fact - the collective noun for a group of unicorns is "a blessing". A blessing of unicorns.



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