Tuesday, November 3, 2009

shiny shoes

Hey, everybody! Can you believe it's already November? It's surprising to me, especially upon realizing that I didn't list anything in my Etsy shop at all during October! I just sort of fell out of the habit. However, I'm hoping to begin listing some neat items that have piled up around here - for de-cluttering purposes as well as to make some extra money for buying Christmas presents!

So, ogle these shoes with me. Aren't they dreamy? Some of you long-term readers may remember them from this post back in May: I bought them from a burlesque dancer. I've been hanging onto them because they fit me and they're so perfect, but... every time I plan to wear them in real life, I walk around for a few minutes and end up putting them back in the closet. They're a bit tight on my toes, and the heels are almost 3 inches. I feel silly wearing them!

It is a sad story. But now they're up for sale! To be entirely honest, I didn't know they were really vintage at first. They look brand new, but they're by Johansen -- a quick Etsy search will show you some other gorgeous vintage shoes by the same company!

Here's what I learned from my research:
  • The Johansen company has been making shoes since 1876.
  • They are now owned by a company that makes the standard Oxford shoes for all branches of the US military.
  • Johansen also produces the Paradise Kittens brand, a pair of which can be seen here!
Once again, the collective sigh of so many people wishing for tinier feet! Or, more realistically, wishing that there were more vintage shoes available in bigger sizes!

I'm going to try to get around to adding some actual clothes to my shop this week as well. Hope everyone's week is off to a good start!


  1. So snappy looking! But too small for me ! :(

  2. i saw these yesterday! I favorited them! i'm so tempted to get them!

  3. oooh cool man but i cant wear pointy nope too much of a pinch! bet the'll sell fast though!

  4. Aww! They're just my size but I'm such a softie when it comes to heels. I'll have to walk around in my one token pair of high high heels and see if I can make it! They are so cute.


  5. Oh no! How horrible having to let something so beautiful go. Why did you feel silly in them?

  6. Those shoes are just gorgeous. I can't believe it's November either.

  7. Those shoes are lovely! And i know, how can it be November already???

  8. So lovely. 3 inches is my limit, tho--I just can't walk around in shoes that high!


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