Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

Here's the project I was working on yesterday! I finished it and was able to hang it up just in time. Robert didn't even notice it when he came home, but when he did he thought it was something I bought! I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment.

This was an easy project that took probably 2 hours total. I wasn't planning to do anything like this yesterday, but when the creative mood strikes I like to go along with it! I won't go into too much detail, but to make this sort of thing you just need:
  • bias tape (or any long strip of fabric)
  • felt (any color you like)
  • needle & thread
I finally got out my sewing machine-- I realized it hasn't been used since June! I also realized I'm not entirely sure what all the knobs do, and the settings definitely weren't right. However, I'd already started sewing and I figured it didn't really matter much, as long as the thing got sewn together! (I am definitely not a perfectionist.)

First, I cut out a bunch of black triangles from felt. I didn't use a template - to be honest, I just kept thinking they needed to be about the size of a small tortilla chip. Next thing I did was pin them all in a row in between the folds of the bias tape. Then came the part with the sewing machine! I suppose you could do that by hand as well, but for a long, straight line sewing machines are a time saver.

I cut out the letters and ghosts from felt, and sewed those on by hand. I was running low on time by then, so the ghosts are held on by their faces (used french knots for eyes and mouths), and I attached the letters with some big, loose stitches. I figured any messiness would only lend to its vague spookiness! It's fairly cute and it should last a long time! You could do the same sort of project with paper, but I like how cloth looks. I want to make a birthday banner as well, something that can be used over and over for anyone.

One other thing that must be mentioned: pumpkin cookies!! Robert introduced me to these last year, and they're soooo good! Somehow a combination of pumpkin, oats, and chocolate chips just works really well together. Add some simple vanilla icing... so perfect. And we like to decorate them with candy corn! But this is definitely the kind of thing that can only be eaten once a year.

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! We've already started our scary movie marathon... just taking a break now. :)


  1. This is so cool! Have fun! <3

  2. OOoOOoooOO Rebecca, please please please let me come to your Halloween celebrations next year. This years looks like my *dream* Halloween. Everything looks so fantastic.

    Don't scream too loudly!

  3. Mmmm...that pumpkin cookie looks so good! As well as the banner, it's so cute! I love the fact that you made it because it looks better than anything you could buy in the store (and it holds up longer, too!).

  4. Sounds deelicious! I love the pumpkin/chocolate combination and icing always takes a dessert to the next level!

    The ghosts on your banner are too cute.

    P.S. Do you think you could add me to your blogroll? I've added your marvelous blog to mine!

  5. Ooh, your 'happy halloween' banner looks so cool! For a second there it looked like a giant eyelid because all the black felt looked like eye lashes.

  6. You just made me realize I didn't have candy corn this year...I love candy corn! I'll have to hunt some down on the cheap.


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