Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hair long enough to braid

Hey, check it out! I was playing around with my hair this morning and realized that it's now long enough to braid. That's somewhat of an accomplishment-- and so bittersweet, because I'm planning to get a haircut tomorrow. I think I will aim for longer hair, though, and just get a trim and have the layers shaped up. I sort of miss my long hair from a few years ago!

Top: Delia's / Pants: Forever 21

I think I've had these pants since I was a senior in high school. They're an old standby. And the thermal top is from at least 3 years ago, but it's so good! Check out the thumb holes and cartoon owls printed all over it. I'm glad it's cold enough to wear again. Today was a day for nostalgic fashion!

Hat: from my cousin / Hoodie: ??

I had to add some layers later on in the day. The hat was a necessity as my hair had become quite messy -- it's long enough to braid, but not long enough to stay in place very long. This little red hoodie has been around for ages. It's funny how I can wear a 40 or 50 year old dress and not make a big deal about its history, but this thing was with me on my first dates with my first boyfriend. Hahaha. I think I've had it since I was about 14... Is that cute or scary?

In other news, I listed a purse in my etsy shop today... Nothing too exciting! And although it's been two months since Robert and I added anything to our food blog, we haven't forgotten it! A new recipe is on its way - promise! (Hint hint: write the text, Sir Robert!)


  1. What a cute owl top! It looks so cozy. Your hair looks adorable in braids- very elven.

  2. i still remember what i was wearing when i got my first kiss! clothes have always held memories for me, too.

  3. Great hat and hair Rebecca! I just had a haircut about a month ago and it's already getting long... I think it's the weather. Do you think the cold makes it grow faster? Dumb huh... :) gonna have to google it. ♥

  4. I love your hair, and no matter which length you cut, i'm sure it will be great.

    I love that owl thermal btw!!

  5. hey there! you look adorable! i really love your owl cute. thanks for the comment by the way. i have been having a really rough couple of weeks.

  6. Oh cute stuff!!! Look at you!!! Love everything - the plaits, the cartoon T, the little hat....!!! Have a lovely Friday!! Yipeee!

  7. You look cute! I love the owls! haha I wear my hair braided all the time since I have grown it out longer, it's a quick and easy style, and I love how it looks!


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