Sunday, November 29, 2009

pictures from my trip home

I'm back! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and excellent weekend. The past few days have been so full and busy! A lot happened in Texas: two Thanksgiving meals with different families, a couple of mini-reunions with high school friends, visits to favorite restaurants, and a lot of general hanging around with people! Here are the prettiest things that I was able to capture.

Zazie, my sister's hedgehog!

That's MY DOG. We got him when I was 12. I haven't seen in 9 months! He's crazy. Do you like his outfit?

Most of the rest of these pictures are nature shots. My parents recently bought some land and we got to spend an afternoon there! It was originally a Christmas tree farm, so there are plenty of overgrown fir trees, along with a pond and a shack! Really, the building on the land was appraised as a shack, and for good reason. My mom is planning to fix it up for fun. They're not going to live there, but it's a neat place to visit! I had a lot of fun finding little things to photograph.

This guy is just a neighbor! He wouldn't come talk to us.

Caterpillar buddy

Sap! They were chopping down some trees to clear a little road.

Peeling paint on the door of the shack. I like it.

Grasshopper pal!

The view from my sister's front door.

The pool at my sister's apartment complex. MONEY!

All in all I think it was a nice visit! But it's good to be back. And there's plenty to catch up on here!


  1. OMG, that hedgehog is ridiculously cute!! I want one.

    Sounds like such a pleasant Thanksgiving! You captured some great photos while you were there.

  2. I totally gasped aloud at that beyond adorable hedgehog. How does one even get a hedgehog as a pet? They seem like they'd be illegal from too much cuteness.

    Your photos are gorgeous - I love the little winter berry and the leaves.

  3. Really great photos! :) It looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving!

  4. a pet hedhehog? How cute! I loved hedgehogs as a child and always wanted to touch them. After I got fleas off them twice, my mum put a stop to that though!

  5. That little hedgehog personage!!! AAAAHHH! I want one!!! We don't get those cuties here - they look so exotic to me! Love your photo essay - thank you for the little look at your time away! ...and yes I love your pup's outfit!

  6. aww what a cute doggie!! yes i like the outfit indeed!
    love all the nature photos! beautiful captures! yay for visits to the family!
    happy monday :)

  7. I'm so glad everyone likes Hedgie! She is a drama hog.

  8. Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye! It was nice seeing you and Robert!

  9. These are amazing photos! The first one is too cute!

  10. oh gosh! i want a pet hedgie! and your dog is so cute in his red hoodie :)


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