Thursday, November 12, 2009

the ostrich set

Hello! Just wanted to pop in and mention that there are two new items in my Etsy shop! A matching purse and pair of shoes, ostrich style...

Both of these things belonged to Robert's grandma. She called me a few weeks ago to ask if I would like to sell some of her vintage clothes! I agreed: a week later my father-in-law knocked on the door with a box full of shoes and purses, and a few items of clothing.

It seemed right to start by listing this pair of items, which she called "the ostrich set." I think that's so cute! They're not even the same brand, but they do match quite well.

This shade of pink is not my style, but I do find the well-worn shoes very charming for some reason. I think the purse is made from synthetic material, but the shoes are made from real leather that's embossed to look like ostrich skin.

Anyway, since I'm doing this for someone else I'm going to try to be efficient about it and get everything listed quickly... Hopefully I'll have more items to share very soon!


  1. those shoes remind me of marie antoinette! so cute!

  2. They're adorable Rebecca, that's so sweet that they belonged to your husband's grandmother and also the purse is amazing. I love the closure and style.

  3. hope you are feeling better! i added you as a contact on flickr -i dont know why i hadnt already!

  4. These are charming - are you really putting them in your shop? I don't think I could part with them if they were my fella's grandma's! But I'm a hopeless nostalgic pack rat!!! Clearly you are a sensible person!! Have a lovely, lovely weekend Rebecca!

  5. Wow. I can tell that Robert's grandma has fantastic taste! I LOVE those shades. The shade of pink and the button are perfection.

  6. I cant believe they match so well!!
    And what a pretty color....
    meh im jealous

  7. So cute and girly! I would feel so delicate and feminine wearing them! I'm keeping an eye on your shop...


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