Friday, October 30, 2009

shine on, baby sloth

Happy Friday, everyone!! I hope everyone is having a very exciting day and has fun plans for the weekend. I just checked the mail and something so spectacular was waiting in there for me... I immediately had to come over here and share it with everyone!

First of all, let me just say that I love the internet. It is where all of my favorite people come from-- that's right, they were magically created as online entities for me to bond with! Okay, maybe it doesn't work like that, but I seriously have made some of the coolest friends over the internet. Caitlin is no exception - we met through a cake decorating community and I believe we bonded over a mutual love for Spinal Tap. We've met twice in person, and have kept in touch online and through occasional surprises in the mail. So here is what I got from her today:

A pirate kitty Halloween card, some cute little animal stickers, annnnd....


Are you as impressed as I am? This little painting has blown my mind! I'm so happy someone painted a baby sloth for me!!! AhHHHHH!!!! It brings me so much sloth joy!

Okay, talk amongst yourselves about how impressed you are. :) I'm working on a last-minute craft project that I need to finish before Robert gets home from work... I've got to hurry! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow to share some pictures of it!


  1. Baby Sloth is gorgeous!! Sooo super sweet and a very good water colout to boot!! Lucky you - I love the internet too - the blogging community's generosity and friendliness blows me away! :) Looking forward to seeing your project - and a Happy Halloween to you!!

  2. a cake decorating community?? you do the coolest things!!

    this is so sweet and yes, i know what you mean about this, so true! i almost run to my friends online than my friends IRL.

    can't wait to see what you have coming up! so many exclamation points in this comment!

    have a safe weekend!

  3. oh! i forgot to mention what an awesome gift this was!!

  4. *SO* envying that painting! & happy Halloween!


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