Thursday, October 8, 2009

wedding gifts - etsy favorites

Lately I've spent much time on Etsy looking for possible wedding gift ideas. I need to get something in the mail pretty soon for my cousin, who's getting married next month. The wedding shower is coming up quick, so I'm looking for something unique!

She's registered at a couple of stores and I could just go get something on the list, but I would rather make a present or buy something handmade-- keeping the couple's tastes in mind, of course. That's where the registry list can come in handy: look at the sort of things they want, and then find something similar... No one will care in the end and you might come up with a better present!

Anyhow, since I've been doing all this searching I figured I would share some cute things I came across! I haven't decided on anything yet - I'm giving myself a week, and if I haven't made a gift myself by then, it will be time to buy something! [I'm going to try to paint some pottery next week - hopefully I can think of something nice to do!]

super sweet cream and sugar set by soule - $26

Just some ideas! I think cloth and ceramic gifts are my favorite. To be honest, I've become smitten with everything in all 3 of those shops...


  1. I LOVE the cream and sugar set. Just saying.

  2. the cream and sugar set is adorable!

    i used to hate gift lists and things .. until i got a couple of really weird, random gifts that just arent me at all (from my parents of all people!)... so now i do give lists when they ask for them!

  3. oh i adore those napkins! lovely!

  4. @Lexie: totally agree! I'm getting married in a couple months and am torn about making registries. While I inherently dislike them, I fear the gift-creativity of our families!

  5. I like that first picture - cute! I think ceramic is a lovely idea - especially as it will last forever (that is if it's not dropped!) and they will remember their wedding and you when they use it!

  6. These are gorgeous!! I have a wedding to go to in January that I need to start thinking about. Least of all christmas gifts!


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