Tuesday, October 27, 2009

hello there

Did everyone have a nice weekend? I'm aware that it's actually Tuesday afternoon now, but who's really keeping track? I keep thinking today is Wednesday! Anyway, I had an excellent weekend! It was busy and I met new people and had new adventures! I went places and saw things and all kinds of neat stuff. You'll just have to trust me on that - I don't have many pictures to show for it.

On Saturday Robert and I met up with Elena Lu for about an hour or so! She just happened to be in town and we arranged some coffee shop time. We had so much fun talking about everything! We briefly considered taking some photos for our blogs, but I think it would have just felt out of place. It wasn't a photo shoot-- it was just sort of hanging out with a buddy. A very adorable buddy. :) So I have no photographic evidence and you'll just have to take my word for it!

Here is a pumpkin waffle with maple syrup. Wanna be friends?

Now, for anyone looking for an outfit post: today is your day!! I haven't been into exciting clothes lately, and this might even be considered boring by your standards, but it's something. You would surely be less impressed with the other things I've been wearing around! Surely.

I love how this dress has a bow at the neck, because in my mind it requires no other accessories! I'm not all that great about accessorizing, and I often forget all about it.

Drop waist!

I liked the background in the above picture, but please ignore my terribly concerned face. I must have been channeling Norma Desmond, because this dress was designed by Gloria Swanson! I'm spiraling into madness as I watch the leaves fall!! Ha ha..


  1. aww thank you it was so fun!! i'm still working on my nashville post!
    lovely dress! i do adore ties like that and you wear it beautifully :)

  2. i like that last photo! it's interesting to see people just staring off in pictures rather than looking right at the camera smiling.

    sweeeeet dress. i love the tie.

  3. I'm jealous you got to meet Elena Lu! I know what you mean about the photo shoot! when I met with Diane of Darling Darling, we just had fun and that's it, no flashy camera or anything like that.

    I love that dress!
    Rebecca, I think we are synchronized in some way. I'm feeling blah about clothes but I just recently bought a dress and a coat I cant' wait to get :)

  4. Aw you're oh so cute! Btw, your URL made me giggle.

    Midwest Darling

  5. What a gorgeous dress - and with a pussy bow!!! Love!! I like that photo of you looking out to your garden - you have a lovely profile!!

  6. The dress is awesome, as is your saucy expression in that first photo!

  7. WOOT! finally did my nashville post! thanks again you cutie patootie you!

  8. Weird - "Sunset Boulevard" seems to be a recurring theme the last couple days! But I think you look absolutely lovely and not a bit mad. And those waffles made my mouth water.



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