Friday, October 16, 2009

five senses friday: pajama edition

I'm taking a pajama day - I'm going to relax and not feel guilty about it! I know that may sound ridiculous coming from someone who stays home all the time, but I do try to be very productive-- otherwise I feel like I'm wasting away. But... I just realized it's almost lunch time and I'm still in my pajamas, and I feel fine about that! I've had a really good week and completed a lot of things.

hot cocoa and story time, last night

Here are some sensations from this week!

See - falling leaves, Halloween decorations popping up everywhere

Hear - Robert and I have been taking turns reading The Neverending Story aloud to each other. It's very exciting, though sometimes Robert changes things to make me laugh and I have to take the book away from him to see if that's how it really reads.

Smell - I'm bad at remembering smells - the only thing I can think of is that when we went to the grocery store it smelled way too strongly of artificial cinnamon because of some holiday decorations they put out!

Touch - it's getting COLD; this morning I wanted to stay in bed forever (ah, the snuggly feeling)

Taste - homemade hot cocoa, butternut squash (love it but almost getting tired of it), candy corn (the only candy I am addicted to), yummy eggplant parmesan

work-in-progress embroidery project... wedding gift! more on that later.

Yesterday evening I remembered that it snows here [for anyone who doesn't know, I'm a Texas native] and I got really excited about the upcoming seasons!! Living somewhere that has 4 seasons is quite thrilling. In Texas there is basically only summer and winter, with a few transitional days between - I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the seasons in Tennessee!!


  1. So jealous of your pj day! Car payments dont allow for a whole lot of those ;) Yay for snow! We don't get any at the beach of course...but if I need snow I go see my parents! It snowed on my way to their house last Christmas, and my boyfriend started freaking out (he hasn't seen much snow since he has lived near the beach all his life). Love your little project! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Yipee for pyjama days!! They are very essential!! Mine is traditionally on Saturday - my drawing and blogging day! Have a lovely weekend watching the glorious changing of the seasons - truly one of life's great pleasures in my opinin. Love your embroidery here too - and thank you for all the sweet comments you leave on my blog! XXX Sam.

  3. ok .. it does snow in TN, but not what you imagine! the ground never gets cold enough to hold the snow, so it falls and melts by noon! which is quite convenient, honestly!

  4. I think there is nothing wrong with pj day! I do feel more productive when at home and if i get ready, but since there is *always* something to do at home, i feel like i'm never really relaxing at home.
    you totally deserve it! i've never read the book you and robert are reading, but i do love the film!

  5. ooh, I like this 5 senses post! Mmm... I'd love some homemade hot cocoa, please ;)

    your embroidery project is looking really good too.

    hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  6. That sounds like a wonderful day. I love your embroidery!

  7. I remember, as a child, staying up all night to read more of the Neverending Story! Magical memory.

  8. What a wonderful idea - a five senses post! I live in Florida so I'm quite jealous of your changing seasons. And your pajama day!

  9. love the idea of y'all reading to each other! thats so romantic in a way isnt it?! lovely!

  10. PS
    i'll be in nashville Nov. 22-26th! isnt that wild! i'll be in your neighborhood!
    The hubby has a conference up there so he will be busy and i will have all day friday and saturday to roam about! woot!

  11. PPS
    yeah im a dumdum!
    not NOVEMBER but OCTOBER!!!!
    as is THIS thursday through monday!
    what goof ball i am! im glad it was just a typo and not that i had really forgotten and not gotten my stuff ready... oh wait i havent! oh dear ever the procrastinator that i am!
    so hows the weather this week?? should i dress for cold?? im from the same part of the woods you left so i know YOU KNOW how the weather goes here!
    so im not sure how it is over there!
    anyways so forgive my mixup and yes i would love to meet up and or get some cool tips on where to go! yay!


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