Tuesday, October 13, 2009

cozy clothes

I've mentioned before how much I like to layer clothes... My time has come! Here's my cozy outfit for today. Ah, you'll also get a peek at our new(ish) living room, which hasn't been seen on this blog yet. The family visit this past weekend finally got me motivated enough to make it look nice!

I pinned a leaf into my hair! I like it.


Posing like a pony!

I never know where my hands should go. I also do not know how to use our fireplace.

Nothing too exciting to see here! I thrifted the brown dress a couple of weeks ago, the cardigan is from Buffalo Exchange [I miss having one of those stores around], and these threadbare woolly tights are from Target. I look for new ones there each year, but I haven't been able to find any as good as these, which I bought years ago. No shoes required.

This outfit might be a little warm for today-- I haven't been outside yet-- but what are you going to do?

(I don't know - what are you going to do?)


  1. You are so darling!

    I'm wearing something similar today...a sweater dress and tights...but brown boots. I don't want to take them off-they are so cozy and warm!

  2. there's a planet x-change in nashville (on 21st ave i believe)! have you been there?

  3. You look adorable, Rebecca!

    I had no idea there were such things as a winter dress! I just went to the store today and they a lot of heavy dresses that were cozy. Your dress reminds me of this :)

  4. The leaf in your hair just rocks!

  5. Lovely outfit Rebecca! Not only cute but also warm, goal met :) I love the leaf in the hair idea... genius!!

  6. So cute and autumnal! Love the colors and your living room looks so cozy.


  7. adorable outfit! and I love that you pinned a leaf in your hair!

  8. Aww, I love that you pinned a leaf in your hair! It adds the perfect little pop of color and makes the outfit look so much more autumnal. And I am all for autumnal ensembles.

    Hah, is that last parenthesized line from Freaks and Geeks? Or is that like a regular "thing" to say?

  9. wonderful and adorable and ladylike yay! and dude seriously i am soooo gonna pin a leaf in my hair! awesome!

  10. er its getting kind of cold and gross here in nyc :(
    and at 6:30 in the morning walking to the bus makes my outfit selection limited..... But your outfit here just looks so cozy and wonderful!

  11. Very cute and a little 50s--I've been watching Mad Men and I could definitely see you as an extra!

  12. Your hair is so pretty! Gorgeous, gorgeous color. And I absolutely love Buffalo Exchange.


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