Tuesday, October 20, 2009

small town

This past weekend, Robert and I took a very short roadtrip. Really it was just about a 20 minute drive to a nearby town... But it was very scenic and many *pictures were taken along the way there and back! In case anyone is getting tired of my "small town" pictures, I decided to run them through TiltShift maker to spice them up-- now they look like pictures from a miniature town. I hope you're happy!

The above picture wasn't the right type for tilt shift, but I still wanted to share it! I will never get tired of barns and silos. I think they're so exciting to have in the scenery.

*All photos by Robert, since I was the one driving!


  1. are you in nolensville?!?!

    i have to quit reading TN blogs! they make me so homesick!

  2. Wonderful photos! I love the effect, such a great mini town :)

  3. Me and my boyfriend have been experimenting with tilt shift recently too - you're very good at it! Especially the one with the little trees in the foreground!

  4. dude thats so cool! im gonnahafta learn that!

  5. so cool :0) puts an artistic twist on everything.


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