Monday, March 8, 2010

on the bookshelf

It's finally time to see some house pictures! There is still a bit to do in the unpacking department, but the front room of our house is really shaping up. It's the first room I've really been excited about decorating. Since we have a separate den where the television and couch live, this room had a lot of possibilities: we didn't have any furniture to put in it!

Last week we bought two bookcases from someone on Craigslist, and we were finally able to display the bulk of our book collection. So the front room is just books and the record player right now. As soon as we add some seating I think this will become a really great hang-out room!

I'm really happy with our wood floors and painted walls.

A peek at the bright red [and still messy] kitchen...

A stack of vintage children's books - they make me happy.

The elephant clock from decoylab!

Robert just had this hand, for some reason. He told me to find a use for it and I did!

Cat bottle! Pretty comic books by Chris Ware. This bookcase is mostly comics...

...with a few of my books thrown in, and a Polaroid Land Camera!

More books. Apple canister from ModishVintage.

Here's another bookcase. It's been around a while [and doesn't lean to the left - that was just me].

And there I am, too. My hair is getting longer, but I don't have much else going on!

Since I took these pictures, a few things have changed. Hung a picture over the record player, added a lace doily under the lamp, spilled coffee all over my shirt. It's been a busy time.

This week the housely-focus has been finding curtains for a few choice windows (including the back door, seen in the 2nd photo). Just this morning I found a solution for the window in our bathroom, which had previously just been covered with a towel whenever we were in there. More pictures to come later! What do you think so far? I can't wait to have some people over!


  1. It looks awesome Rebecca! I can't wait to come visit!

  2. Aww, a Childcraft book!! I have a bunch of those, but they, along with far too many of my other books, are boxed up at my parents' house. Didn't have enough room for all my books in my apartment, and I've been in my house almost a year and still haven't gotten around to picking the rest of them up. This post has inspired me to go get them! :-)

  3. Rebecca, I love it all! I really like the color, too, very unexpected.

    Go Polaroid Land Camera!

  4. i love the colors in your house! so nice with the wood floors, i agree. i cant wait to see more of your decorating!

  5. So nice ! I adore !

  6. I spy the yellow apple :)

    have fun decorating!!

  7. It looks so nice! And I love that wall color! That elephant wall clock is the cutest! :)

  8. You have a lovely home. Beautiful french doors!

  9. Oh, well done decorating! Plenty of visual interest without any clutter at all. Well done!

  10. wow.

    looks like you guys have a great collection of books!

    glad to have found your blog,


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