Monday, March 15, 2010

bits of the weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pleasant and busy. Before I get to other things, I may as well show you a few more house pictures. Robert didn't believe that I could get the house into shape for our first guests, but he was wrong!! Do I get a prize? [Joking.. he was quite appreciative of my hard work!! But I did really hear him tell his dad on the phone that it was going to be messy. Psh!] Compare to these pictures if you wish!

Finally got some curtains (at Target) to cover up the back door!

They create a nice glow during the day. Now we can control the privacy and lighting in there.

More of the front room... Updated for the essential magician poster & paper lantern.

I think things are coming along really nicely here! There are still a few rooms I haven't shown around, either because they're slightly cluttered or slightly boring. But we're getting there. I'm totally in love with this house and I don't mind taking the time to clean it. I lived in 5 different apartments before this, and never put much effort into decorating because I knew I'd be moving on soon [and I am sincerely lazy]. So this is quite refreshing!

Now, here are a few pictures from the weekend. I'm glad that Robert's family likes to go to thrift shops and estate sales; I haven't been doing much of that on my own lately! So we did some fun shopping and exploring around town, along with eating too many yummy foods.

We found a robot. The person who lives here must be exciting! They also had 2 vulture sculptures in their yard, made out of old tools.

Look what we got at an estate sale for $5...

A box full of records from the 40s! Haven't listened to any of them yet.

Thrifted dress. I didn't get my tripod out, so all pictures of the full thing were unsuccessful. It's bright and happy.

Thrifted shirt + hilarity. I heard Robert coming and knew he was going to walk right into the picture, and it apparently just DELIGHTED me.


  1. Hi Rebecca, sorry for not visiting your blog for a while - although I wish I could literally visit your new place because it's looking fantastic! Also, that last photo of you is so cute :D

  2. your new place is coming along nicely, and that polka dot dress is so cute on you!

  3. awwww! i love the house pictures! keep them coming! and that thrifted dress looks lovely.

  4. ah it looks great so far!

    It's okay, scott is the exact same way. When i tell i'm going to clean, he rolls his eyes and says "clean? as in distract yourself with anything but cleaning?" lol

  5. I love the way the light diffuses through the curtains in your kitchen. You've done a great job organising everything in such a short period :)

  6. You're beautiful Rebecca! I love you. I hope that we can come visit this year.

  7. You are beautiful !

  8. dude you are so good! yeah my mess is um a mess! dont have but one room (sort of) close to done and thats the living room and thats because we use it most than others i suppose anyway im still trying to do the bathroom and its just a pain! (the curtain rod enclosure thingy is just way to short and small) the walls in there aer NOT tile -anywhere!! and water gets all over the place oh its been a struggle. but we'll make it work! this isnt our final place actaully so there are limits to what we will do (not much really i think paint might be the extent of it!) but im sure it'll be comfortable if anything! hugs to you and to the hubs!

  9. i love your furniture! your house looks so great...what fun!


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