Thursday, March 11, 2010

cheery songs for a rainy thursday

Just this morning I decided that I like these two songs by She & Him. I know, I'm really slow at music and everyone else has been talking about these for a while. It's hard for me to get into certain music sometimes! But this morning these are just right. So far all of the other songs I've heard by She & Him are a bit too slow for me to enjoy.

I feel like these videos are simply an excuse for Zooey Deschanel to dress up and be adorable, but that's okay too.

I'm going to mop the floors of the entire house today, so I need some happy music to keep me going! Robert's family is coming up for a visit this weekend and it's time to get the house in tip top shape.

What are some of your favorite cheerful songs to listen to while getting things done?


  1. I haven't bothered listening to her yet until now and holy hell I totally agree these videos are all about her camping around in cute outfits.

  2. Well, she IS awfully adorable! ah ha ha

  3. i adore z deschanel shes total cuteness!
    yeah i guess if i need to i can call you up and we can tell each other of our house home woes! and you are right about the spending although we have so much junk that donating has been #1 but yet still we are spending spending spending!!! i mean who knew one needed so many curtains?!! oh yeah i guess when you live in an apartment you dont have so many windows... yup thats whats happened! cause yeah we totally didnt think of all the windows in the house! oops
    ok well good luck to y'all as well and if i ever find my camera i'll show you the mess i have and then i'll show you the lovely home we've made (fingers crossed!)

  4. She is adorable !

  5. The library dance is awesome!!

    I agree, it makes a big difference when good music is on on cleaning the house!

  6. Ok, hate to be the type of follower who writes 'I just wrote about them too' but I'm that person evidently... :) I just wrote about them too! Isn't the new song great? I can't hardly wait for the new album.

    Wishes for a great new week to you and your Robert and the family!♥

  7. I do love She & Him! Their second album is out and I have yet to hear it. I'm surprised you don't like the slow songs? They're so heartbreakingly gorgeous.

    My favourite cheerful songs are all by Beyonce. Tehehehe.


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