Friday, July 3, 2009

giant robot

Here's my photo for the latest assignment over at Souvenir Foto - we were supposed to get down low for a new perspective! I didn't get very creative with it; a robot is pretty much my go-to source for a likeable picture. Do you like robots as much as I do? This is one I gave Robert for Christmas last year.

I've been sort of out of it the last couple of days! Actually, things were going nicely until we got into a tiny car accident last night. Really, it was very tiny - we just got bumped into at a red light. Still, the hood of my car needs to be replaced. That's not fun! It should be all taken care of by Monday, but I'm sure you all know how annoying little accidents can be.

So today I haven't really felt like doing much - just craving comfort, lounging around and asking Robert to make cinnamon rolls! And he has obliged me. They're supposed to be for after dinner, but we started early so I could take photos of the process. He even let me mix up the cinnamon/sugar combination with my hands! And there's nothing I like more than sugar all over my hands.

I hope everyone else is having a good day! Robert's off for the holiday weekend (tomorrow is Independence Day), but I have to work tomorrow. I'll probably be scarce around here until everything is back to normal!


  1. Car accidents are always traumatizing, no matter how small I think. Hope you're feeling more like yourself soon. Cinnamon rolls sound delicious, looking forward to the post!

  2. Whoa, glad to read you guys are okay but that's a bummer to know it's only the hood that needs replacing and not like your leg or something! @_@


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