Monday, July 6, 2009

gloomy monday

Today started out fairly interesting, but it's not going at all as I'd planned. This morning I hopped out of bed extra early so I could take Robert to work. Actually, he was driving so I had the chance to take some pictures.

It's a really lovely drive! But today is so foggy.

Robert is all business.

A big red barn! An American barn!

Once Robert was safely at work, I took the car to be repaired - see this if you don't know why! For some reason we had the idea that this would just be a 1 day repair, and I was hoping to be able to pick Robert up from work this evening. Now I realize how silly that was. Of course, it's going to take 2 days. How inconvenient! I had to get a ride home from someone at the shop, and then we had to brainstorm about how Robert will get to and from work (15 miles away) this evening and tomorrow morning. Luckily we have a pretty good friend in the area who has agreed to bring him home to me tonight. Thank you, Chandrika! You will be rewarded!

So anyway, I'm home again and not feeling so great about the whole situation. But now you get to see an outfit post! Sort of. Here's the kind of thing I put on when I get up at 6:15 in the morning. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Top: Etsy trade, Skirt: vintage from Etsy (via my sister)

And this is my Cinnamoroll apron - I bought it on Ebay a few years ago for absolutely no reason. I wear it every day when I'm doing the dishes; I'm a splashy dishwasher. Putting on a ridiculous apron can cheer you up 100%!


  1. so darn cute! how can you not be cheered up! love it!! good luck to ya'll on the car :(

  2. Oh! Loving that pretty green skirt and gingham top! The colours are just the best! The photo of you and your fella is pretty funny too! :)

  3. Cloudy skies and some small stresses, but I can definitely see how the apron would cheer you up... adorable!

  4. what a great apron! too cute.

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  6. oh my gosh. that apron suddenly brought me flashes of junior high and unnecessary trips to sanrio stores. i love it!!

    btw, you won the set for the swaydehead giveaway! email me your address and i'll have her send it out to you :)

  7. eek, that apron is so cute! I can't believe I don't have an apron. I think I'd be far more productive in the kitchen if I had one.

  8. You look lovely--I adore the way you hair curls.
    Too bad about the car, but I suppose 2 days of repairs is still better than it could be...

  9. haha, your apron made me smile. :)


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