Sunday, July 5, 2009

going through a t-shirt phase

I've been so bad about "fashion" lately! I don't think it really matters, but I'm sure you've all noticed a lack of outfit posts. That's because I haven't been on any thrifting adventures lately, and all I've been wearing is t-shirts and jeans. It's just the convenient thing to do! When I'm at work I never know what I'll be doing - yesterday I got to use a power drill.

Anyway, here's my newest t-shirt from woot. You really can't beat their deals - each day they have a new t-shirt that costs $10 (including shipping). Generally they're nerdy and for boys, but sometimes they're so cute! See my toaster shirt? I feel a little bad for the toast, but Mr. Toaster is so happy!

My thrifting and vintage posts should resume at the end of July, once we've relocated and I can justify hoarding old things again; right now I'm organizing and donating everything I can stand to part with! However, I did just get a dose of fashion inspiration by reading this interview with Diana of I'm also constantly in awe of the simplistic style of Maria from Lucy & Diamonds. Maybe one day I'll accomplish the effortlessly classy look! But for now, I'll just be wearing t-shirts.


  1. Oh girl you're the best. I'm really surprised and pleased with your post. You definitely made my day =D

    And the toaster is soooooooooooo cute! *

  2. ah thanks! i don't consider myself fashionable so it's nice to see i inspired someone! :D

    btw, i want that tshirt! toaster and bread! he has a sweet mustache too! have you seen the peanut butter and jelly shirt? too cute!

  3. haha love the tee! sometimes fun tees and jeans is exactly whatcha need to be wearing and thats OHTAY!


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