Monday, May 31, 2010

pink palace museum

Uh oh, I went a whole week without posting! It felt like a month. Here are the predictable apologies for being very busy. Things have balanced out quite a bit, though: I am way less stressed than I was a couple of weeks ago. I began working for a non-profit organization last week, and it's very close to my home. I was originally going to be part-time, but they've asked me to start out full-time just until I finish up this first project I'm working on. I won't share many details, but the important part is that I really like the work and I feel content with everything!

Here are some pictures from our (anniversary/birthday/graduation) visit to Memphis last weekend-- specifically our visit to the Pink Palace Museum! This was my second visit to the museum, and I believe we really only go there because it's a piece of nostalgia from Robert's childhood. Unfortunately, the museum seems to have very little funding and the exhibits haven't really been updated since the 80s. We mostly just like to pose with the scary mannequins.

At least they have a narwhal tusk!! They also have a shrunken head, but we didn't get around to it this time.

Here you use your imagination to "get small" and then look through some microscopes.

Or just pretend you have shadow friends.

They keep this dinosaur around, even though you can see he's falling apart. In the past he would stomp and roar if you gave him a quarter. He doesn't do anything now.

New friend?

He's a cool guy.

Next up: Early America! This picture always reminds me of Rasputina.

Are you ready for some mannequins? I'm leaving out the guy with the gangrenous foot (being sawed off by another mannequin). It's really gross.

Why, hello!

A pink-haired leprechaun is about to receive a shot from a jovial doctor... ?

This part always makes me cringe. You REALLY don't want to know what those tools are all for.

That's.. it. That's all I've got. Sweet dreams! I'll try to set up some more pleasant / less bizarre posts for this week. I'll also try to come round and visit everyone's blogs! Sorry I've been flaky!


  1. Seems you had fun. Nice photos.

  2. seemed like a fun place museum to visit, nice to see your post...

  3. it's hard for me to keep up with my blog when i am stressed out too...i think i went 2 weeks without posting before...oops. I'm glad you like your new job! that museum seems so silly, derek and i love visiting strange places like that. your photos are really cute. :)

  4. Sounds like so much fun, what a great place! :) By the way, good luck on your new job for that non-profit organization, it's sounds so interesting, I used to do it too, but unfortunately I don't have enough time anymore, so sad, cause I loved it!

  5. looks like fun! love the pick of you two holding hands with the silhouette!

  6. The look on your face on the last photo is priceless!

    I'm really behind on blogging, too. Actually, behind on everything!

  7. Heaven! That Rebecca is the place of my dreams! Lots of wonky old fashioned incredibly interesting bits and pieces about science! Looks like you guys had fun! Thank you for the post - a treat! P.S. Don't fret about the blogging - it's great you're having a good time!

  8. I like the picutres where you are holding hands with the shadows - what an obscure place!


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