Wednesday, May 5, 2010

three cheers for the bright side!

The last time I won a prize from The Bright Side Project, it didn't show up. I won't name the contributor, but for some reason they didn't follow through with getting my prize to me. No big deal! But four months and a couple of emails later, I received a package in my mailbox from the contributor's former publicist.

She sent me a couple of cute headbands as a sort of consolation prize. I thought that was a sweet gesture! This one makes me feel like a Girl Scout - specifically a Brownie. Brownie colors are yellow and brown, right? Or maybe it's brown and blue. Did it change? Either way, I'm feeling girl scouty! And I can't stop sneezing.

Big thanks to The Bright Side Project, Miss B, and Connie from Moderne Press!


  1. That headbang is so cute, so I guess it was worth the wait! :)
    I really like your blog by the way! :)

  2. im glad y'all are ok i was thinking about you two in regards to the flood

  3. Haha, I was a brownie, but never made it to girl guides - ah well. And any free stuff is fine by me :)

  4. WHAT? Not a girl scout, doll. A grecian goddess, more like :)

  5. I love the headband! i have one that my best friend made for me that looks similar to this :)

  6. It's beautiful! This was worth the wait.

    Haha, I was a GS from Daisy to Cadette =)


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