Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the snowy weekend

Things have begun to melt and thaw out, but everything around here is so slippery that schools are still closed! This past weekend was really long and relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Caught up on sleep, compulsively worked crossword puzzles, ate too many snacks, and went on a few adventures in the snow. Since this is the South and no one knows how to handle snow, most people chose to go places on foot instead of driving. I think the snow got more people outside. I don't know what's with that, but I suppose it just feels like a bizarre phenomenon that must be experienced full-on! I seriously haven't seen snow like this in at least 10 years.

There was just a little bit of snow at first.

And then suddenly, everything was covered!

We went on daytime walks..

..and a nighttime visit to the cemetery! I wanted to experiment with flash. Spooky!

LOVE this. I haven't even seen this one in daylight before.

Everything had a perfect layer of ice.

And as if the sidewalk wasn't already slippery enough, look what we found! It made me laugh.

Another fun thing about this weekend was talking to neighbors. Robert and I are sort of hermits most of the time, but something about crazy weather seems to get everyone outside and talking. This happens in Texas around hurricane time too: everybody starts working together and having dinner together and playing outside in the crazy weather. I love it. Something about temporary inconveniences -- electricity going out, not being able to drive, school/work being canceled -- is just dead exciting. As long as there's not too much damage and nobody gets hurt, of course! This weekend was one of those nice little pockets of inconvenience that turns out to be exciting.


  1. Your nighttime photos are cool! Hehe and it's the same over here - ppl start talking to each other when something out of the ordinary happens. The English LOVE to moan about the weather, so when we had snow everyone was talking and complaining about transport disruptions and the lack of grit on the roads. So funny! Enjoy your snow days :)

  2. I love the banana photo! That is so funny!

    And the cemetery photo is so spooky, with the little flakes falling. Great photos, Rebecca!


  3. lucky you, we didn't get any snow at all this year here in the NW, it's seems weird as we get snow storm almost every year. Cute photos btw...

  4. oh yes i was totally thinking of the hurricane get togethers that happen too funny but yeah its cool at least at some point we all get out and talk and get to know each other!! been busy so ive been missing out on your lovely posts! hope i can catch up!!

  5. Great snow shots!!!! Looks dreamy

  6. Oh ! Those pictures are so lovely !

  7. haha, that banana photo is so funny! someone's really going to slip there!
    I love that you can find the positive side from these situations :)


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