Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a little etsy update

I'm sorry there hasn't been too much of interest or substance on my blog lately: there is a crazy amount of packing and moving-related stuff going on over here! We're doing one final walk through the house tomorrow and then signing closing documents on Friday. Yep, in 3 days Robert and I will be homeowners! We are already planning our first night in the house: it's a celebration between the two of us that will hopefully involve some Girl Scout cookies.

I promise to share some pictures as soon as I can! It's not my house yet so I don't feel comfortable creeping about with a camera (though I'm sure that's perfectly normal), but soon... Ooh, let me give you some teasers: built in 1962, hardwood floors, exciting paint colors. Use your imagination!

Now, enough daydreaming. I've done one last mini update in my Etsy shop. Some of these things have finally come out of the what-should-I-do-with-this pile and made it into the shop!

This dress!

This skirt!

This apron!

This rain coat!

This dress!

I will be putting my shop into vacation mode on Thursday evening and it won't be back up until things are settled at the new place. So if you're interested in any of these things, go ahead and buy them so I don't have to move them to the new house. Haha!

Oh, oh! And can I just tell you about how brave and strong Robert is? He slipped on the ice while biking today and got all banged up (physically + busted his new cell phone). However, he continued his trek to work (it's 4 miles each way) and stayed there all day. I think I would have cried a lot about it. But again, he's manly!! :)


  1. that first dress is super cute! i slipped on ice yesterday for the first time all winter! i kept going though!

  2. Aww! Poor Robert!

    I love that raincoat! So cute!

    Congratulations on your new house. I can't wait to see pics!


  3. Oh wow, congrats on becoming home-owners! That's awesome news. Good luck with the move and everything!


  4. Oh ! Everything is lovely !

  5. Good luck with the move and cherish the experience. I actually really enjoy moving. (I know it can be stressful but just make lots of lists and label boxes!) It's so much fun making somewhere your own, and finding little homes for all your things. Can't wait to see photos! I'm jealous : my flat was built only 8 years ago and I'm craving somewhere with a bit of history and personality!

  6. Awww! That's no good about your hubby! Hope he's recovering and on the mend! Love your new items and all the best for your move - it's always a chore to move but I think yours will be sweet because you're moving into your very own home - such fun!!!

  7. love the coat and last dress! super cute.
    good luck with the move :D

  8. Such, such cute stuff! You have such a great eye.

  9. hahaha! Aww, poor Robert. What a man, though, what a man!

    Amazing pictures :-)

  10. I love the stuff you choose!

    I hope Robert recovered well!


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